Topaz Video AI v3.4.2

this is a very common problem but not related to topaz products. it appears mostly to rtx 3xxx and 4000 cards. I had it happen once during Video a. i. but also in other cases. It seems to help to switch to PCIe 4.0 (before 5.0) in my BIOS and disable ASPM. You can also set the Windows power saving to “maximum performance” and the same in the Nvidia Control panel: “prefer maximum performance”. Since then it did not yet happen again to my PC. It is running fine for a week now! :slight_smile:

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‘Full stop’ character means same directory as source file. If you want to change that, click folder button on right side of what you circled, select a different folder and hit save.

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Hello, I don’t know if this is directly related to this release, but the video conversion is using more CPU than GPU (100% of 12 threads CPU, against 10% on a RTX 2080 SUPER).

The preferences processing setting is correctly set to the RTX mode.

This seems to depend on the conversion mode you choose.

Yes, I confirm this is the case.
Thank you

hi is there a way to download just the updated PROTEUS modules for latest release for offline use?
Running M2 Mac.

Is there a way to download all modules in one go to use Video a. i. offline?

After previewing, I will start an export, giving the output file a new name.
In the Export As dialog, Save As text box (filename), the cursor keys on the keyboard cannot be used - they are still active in the Preview window visible behind the Export As dialog. The right and left cursor keys move the preview frame by frame, and the up and down cursor keys change the input file selection.
Please correct the cursor key actions in the Export As dialog when the Save As text box has the focus, so right and left cursor keys move the text cursor in the text box.

{ TVAI v3.4.2, Macbook M1 Pro, Ventura 13.5.1 }


paving stones with symbols add style! on the other hand the guy’s squint is violent… :')


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Live preview is not working on my macbook pro m1 max (macos Ventura 13.5).
The screen is staying just black and because of it the preview will also not work. So I am not able to compair and see the difference after applying a filter.

I have street footage taken during the pandemic period. Can the Iris model still help enhance faces if people wear masks?

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Why not try it and let us know?

Fair comment!

I’ve been running it overnight and just reviewed the output. Quite pleased with the results.

I’m just curious, though, if it recognized and enhanced the faces or was generally enhancing them like it does the rest of the content in the frame.

In any case, it’s come out quite nicely.

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I assume that it would pick up the eyes and forehead and be able to apply it’s training to those pieces, but that is just guessing. Let us know how it goes!

I’m quite sure that it does that - considering that Iris sometimes ‚gives‘ Teddybears human eyes…

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I think it would be useful to retrim the initial trim. If one trims a small scene of a 3 hour long movie and the trim is not correct and needs to be modified then there is no accurate option because the whole movie appears again, the way Audacity handles this for audio would be usefull

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