Topaz Video AI v3.4.2

Hello everyone,

A new release of Topaz Video AI is now available.

Released August 29th, 2023


Changelog from 3.4.1

  • Fixes many issues related to in-app player seeking and trim related precision.
  • Fixes for deinterlaced video playback and processing feedback.
  • Adds FFV1 encoder options.
  • Adds option to preferences to default to searching for image sequences during import.
  • Adds “Advanced” section to application settings and moved “Show Second Enhance Control” here.
  • Removes “Show Intermediate Resolution Control” - this will always be shown when Second Enhance is enabled.
  • Fixes bug that could cause processing failures on first app launch after updating.
  • Fixes for Preview button - enabled for all valid trim ranges.
  • Fixes to Export As to respect the selected folder in preferences.
  • Fixes issue causing one additional frame to be processed during preview

Thank you

Great that you added FFV but please add mov container :slight_smile:

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I am following your development on this project. But, program is relentlessly upgrading itself every one or two weeks. According to my belief, your program is still at Alpha stage, not even Beta. If you do like that, I will not use it, I only watch it to see, when will it be patched. This is something like Microsoft’s insider preview channel.

Please, provide better stable releases, those such fixes on new builds are really serious errors. Make a new version indictor that implies stable releases and on the go development releases! <<<


Erm, you are not a customer and yet still make demands? TOPAZ can follow their correct decisions to make it a ‘dynamic’ and ongoing functionality, and also to seek feedback from Beta well as customers in order to advance the product quickly.


You’re not wrong. Is there even a stable version of this? I feel like you would have to go far back to find something stable and even then its gonna be missing valuable features that the latest one have.

I think the right way to look at it is by looking at it as an early access app. Like the early access games on STEAM. You still pay for it, but don’t expect it to have all features and being bug free.

Its gonna feel like an early alpha until they at least fix the preview.

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I have never had any issues with any versions. Never has crashed and I install new version when it comes out and works great. There are no other programs with this quality out there.

thank you very much for this version, with ffv1, the videos are of better quality! I can produce them without adding grain while keeping all the original details, it’s wonderful :slight_smile:


Could you please explain? What do you mean by omitting the grain? What does that have to do with ffv1? I use grain to make videos look more authentic.

Just want to say that while versions v3.3.X were giving me a lot of problems, the v3.4.X series has been a much better experience. Thanks for the hard work Topaz team!


Apollo Apollo First Chronos Chronos First. Results for slow-moving subjects are excellent, but I’m not happy with the pseudo-frame generation results for data shots of people doing sports. I want AI to continue to evolve

me too, but the added final grain hides imperfections like the “plastic” effect when it’s a little too denoised. for my part, the slightest lost detail that gives a slightly plastic effect does not suit me. with the quality of ffv1, my final videos are well denoised, without artifacts, and what I mean is that when I remove the grain effect with vegas pro (filter that I put last) well there is no longer really has a plastic effect because the loss of detail is minimal

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I tried the same video and settings that wouldn’t display a preview in the last version. It worked in this version.

Added FFV but please add mov container

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It is called Agile approach development/delivery, with PIs and iterations. it is different to waterfall approach which has a different SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle). the world in general slowly shifting aware from waterfall to the favorable Agile approach.
One thing I am struggling to understand is, how did you come to conclusion that the product is not stable?
the Product is considered stable based on the industry standards. the definition of stable product in Software release life Cycle. stable or release product is which has passed all stages of verification and tests. The remaining bugs are considered acceptable."
Most of the weekly iterations are enhancements and/or fixes of the previous released iterations.

The entire AI thingy out there in the world for whatever AI technology, rather ChatGPT, Stable diffusion, etc. and many other AIs in the industry is “Early Access”.
But yet the benefits of having it open for the public to use is far superior than keeping it hidden in the development pipeline to reach perfection state.


I disabled the user tips but they appeared anyway today. Not only this, they continously blocked parts of the preview. Also I often can not set the zoom level to 50 % for the full view unless I switch to the split view where I am able to set 50 % for couriosity and then switch back to full preview where the 50 % view persists fortunately. :eyes:

And one more thing everyone else did not mention. AI is very hardware dependent. Digital videos are too (Only on modern machines, there are built-in chips and such to deal with the most common forms of digital videos).
There is no physical way that Topaz can account for all the less-than-good hardware configurations that exist. In fact, even of the good hardware combinations, they can only have a few to test on before release. A quick look through the product page mentions ‘Modern home workstation’ a few times. I agree. They can’t really do much better than say that.

Now that I’ve said that. I feel like this linked page needs a serious update. I seem to remember most people with Radeon 400s and even 500s have not been getting TVAI to work.

The Second Pass Enhancement is almost perfect.
If only there was an option to use a deinterlace mode that only deinterlaces but doesn’t apply any enhancements and be able to use other models such as Proteus or Artemis for the Second Pass Enhancement.


In TVAI v3.4.2 (Mac), the web page reached by clicking Help / Product Roadmap is:
which shows the March 2023 roadmap. At the moment the August 2023 roadmap is current (
I suggest to make the Help / Product Roadmap link more generic, so it points to the latest roadmap rather than a specific month’s roadmap (which clearly get outdated quickly). Or point to the general video roadmap page ( that lists the recent roadmaps.

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Since update crashs everytime, never had problems before. pc
Processor Intel(R) Core™ i9-7900X CPU @ 3.30GHz, 3312 Mhz, 10 Core(s), 20 Logical Processor(s)
Installed Physical Memory (RAM) 128 GB
Name NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti
OS Name Microsoft Windows 11 Pro