Topaz Video AI v3.3.4

Hello Everyone!

A new release of Topaz Video AI is now available.

Released July 11th, 2023

Downloads: Windows | Mac

Changes from v3.3.3

  • Adds option to export settings allowing a custom start frame number to be set for image sequence exports.
  • Adds a new preference for default start frame number when exporting an image sequence and not matching the input (ex. if you want first frame to be 0000.png vs. 0001.png or 0042.png)
  • Adds “.3gp” as an available file type when importing videos through the file opener.
  • Fixes bug causing image sequences to be re-exported with start frame off by one when matching start frame from import.
  • Fixes color space issues when importing image sequences and exporting as video. Color space will be converted to BT709 when input color space is RGB & exporting to YUV pixel format.
  • Fixes invalid output when exporting PNG or DPX to VP9

Known Issues:

  • Videos with mismatched metadata and streams will display incorrect duration
  • Frame number preview length may shorten on app restart
  • Export settings from old presets might not be applied correctly. Try creating a new preset if this happens to you.
  • Deleting custom Start Frame Number value may place that setting into an invalid state on Windows. As a workaround, select the value and modify it

Submit files here: Dropbox

Please take a look at the Video Roadmap Update for more context on what we’re focusing on right now. Thanks in advance for your feedback!


As I can no longer reply on the old “Topaz Video v3.3.3” post, which is now closed, I’m replying on this one. As planned, I’ve sent you the image sequence folder in your Dropbox for testing purposes.

Allow pausing and resuming exports。When will the function come out?

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I think u can terminate process for pause it I think and then resume it when u need to continue process on Resource Monitor in Windows

You can wait for next version, it will update pause and resume option: Iris v1: Face Enhancement for Low-Quality Videos (June 2023)

On Windows, u can copy the export command and paste+run it in the command window launched from TVAI. That command window can be paused with a click of the mouse and resumed by pressing Enter.

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I tested the new version on a virtual machine just to see if my physical configuration would have a problem or not. There are no physical problems. 3.3.4 suffers from the same bug as the other versions. That is, the software crashes when trying to import a PNG image sequence. I haven’t tested any other image sequence format, as I always use PNG for quality in relation to file size.
This is the only bug I can see at the moment. The rest seems to work fine.

Seems to be something weird with your submission. It came through as a .rar, can you please upload the files as a zip?

Live preview is broken in 3.3.4 release, you have to wait for preview to completly generate the sample file then preview instead of previewing on the fly as progress is made.

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Same here it is not working. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app, still has the issue


Again. Every update since 3.3.x.x after updating through the app I can’t load videos…

They show up in the input section but no visible video. Have to fully uninstall and then reinstall with standalone installer. Have to make new presets and download all models again $#@&!*&

REALLY annoying!


OK, I’ll zip it up for you in 5 hours when I’ve finished work for the day.

Continuing the discussion from Topaz Video AI v3.3.4:

Where is the EXPORT-button? Ok, you can use CTRL-E instead, but I think it is better to have the button back
Greetings Roland

Sorry, the EXPORT-Button is back. So forget this posting. Thanx

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You should add an option to tell TVAI if the input range from an image sequence is Computer RGB or Studio RGB. Studio RGB does not need color space / luminance range conversion.

TVAI really needs an interpret footage function to tell the programm if the source is interlaced/progressive, field order, pixel aspect ratio (with an option for completely manual values), frame rate, data levels (video/studio rgb or full/computer rgb) and input color space (601/709/etc.)

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As promised, here’s a new copy of the folder in zip format. I had put it in .rar format the first time because I’m more used to using this format, which compresses more.

I can confirm this bug. Impossible to play the preview before it has finished rendering.


Thankyou for confirming, this is an essential feature, hopefully Topaz resolves this Bug promptly.

Other pending issues:

  1. Iris patterning (vertical lines) issue
  2. Iris extreme smoothening and loss of detail

@finance-1733 @Harald.De.Luca Do y’all have auto-play preview enabled?

Live preview is working perfectly on my end after the model is loaded. If not, can you each post a screen recording and your logs?

Can you open a support ticket? The issues you have been running into are quite odd and do not seem to be linked to the releases themselves. Even the preview issue you shared a screen recording of seemed off.

Opening a support ticket will allow myself and Tony to give your case more of a one on one approach and schedule screen shared if need be,etc.

Are you talking about the update issue or the preview bug? I’ve seen several people mention the same preview bug in this thread…