Topaz Video AI v3.3.1

Hello Everyone!

A new release of Topaz Video AI is now available.

Released June 20th, 2023

Downloads: Windows | Mac

Changes from v3.3.0

  • New export settings UI and options (details below).
  • Large list of “encoders” has been replaced with separate selectors for encoders – ProRes, H264, H265, VP9, AV1 – an associated profile/codec, and a GPU option if applicable (ex. you have both a NVIDIA and AMD GPU mounted).
  • Image Sequence options are given through a tab option now to separate UX flows for Video and Image Sequence exports. Similar to video encoders, we have added Bit Depth options for Image Sequence exports.
  • Removed “Auto” option for Audio Mode, default behavior is “Copy”. The UI should show an error if this is not possible for your video for compatibility reasons. (ex. PCM audio cannot fit in MP4).
  • Changed “Transcode” audio mode name to “Convert”.
  • When Converting audio, you have the option between AAC, AC3, PCM codecs. For MP4 container, you will only be presented with AAC & AC3. When exporting with VP9 + WebM container, the only codec option is Vorbis.
  • For AAC & AC3 you have the option to set a bitrate for the audio. AAC default is 320k, AC3 is 448k
  • Saved preferences from previous versions should be migrated to new preferences. ex. if you have a preference set to export as “TIFF lossless 8-bit”, your preferences in the new version should show “TIFF” for encoder and “8-bit” for Bit Depth and this should still be applied when opening a new video.
  • Added MKV container to extension options for VP9 exports.

Known Issues:

  • The output settings of old presets may not be applied. Please modify them if needed
  • Videos with mismatched metadata and streams will display incorrect duration
  • Frame number preview length may shorten on app restart

Submit files here: Dropbox

Please take a look at the Video Roadmap Update for more context on what we’re focusing on right now. Thanks in advance for your feedback!


Hello, I have a question, when are you going to solve the consumption of the GPU, the power and electricity used?
Since version 3.0 Tvai does not work for me, when I click on the desktop shortcut to run the software, my PC restarts. I can only use Tvai if I underpower my Nvidia RTX 2070 Super.
It’s the only way. But with previous versions I have never had that problem. My power supply, although it is bad, is 850w, but as I say, until vcersion 3.0 I have not had that kind of problem, now the pc always restarts when I run it, so I can’t use it

This is not Topaz’s problem to solve. Your PSU cannot handle the full system load when maxed out.

I had the same problem as you, I had 850W PSU and under full load with only a GTX 1070 card, my PC would reboot sometimes.

You have 2 options:

  1. Get a higher rated PSU, 1000W+
  2. Turn down the GPU using MSI afterburner software.
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Even the Rog Strix 2070 Super only recommends a 650W PSU. My Asus TUF 3060 TI recommends 750W and I run it on a 600W Bronze PSU, never had an issue running TVAI or anything else, my max system draw is never anywhere near that even at max GPU and CPU.

My guess is that there’s something else going on here and I’d start by looking at the PSU as it should be fine unless you are doing some outrageous overclocking or there’s some other issue e.g. temperatures. Maybe start a thread with more system details and how you use it, in the General section of the forum? You may get some helpful replies there.


Another thing to try, give your PSU a dedicated plug on the wall (don’t use a powerbar that is shared with other devices).

Everything else (monitor, USB hubs etc.) should be on a power bar on a separate circuit.

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Since update it won’t load my videos and stays stuck shows it on the INPUT box on bottom left but on the VIDEO In shows as -1x-1 (0:1 SAR) 0 FPS I already tried to reset it and even reset the computer and also tried videos that it was working with before as well and still nothing its in the latest update as well so I can run the videos and I cannot even see a preview for it please help


There seems to be a bug where videos will not load if the program is started with certain default presets. I set the default preset to “None” and it started working again.


Now the program incorrectly recognizes H264 25 fps interlaced video as 50 fps progressive and processes it incorrectly!
Video format DV 25 fps determines correctly.

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The maximum Watts the PSU can deliver is one thing. The quality of the PSU another one. Get a high quality power supply to avoid any trouble like this!


I suggest in the Processing settings to set for the video card max. memore usage at 95 or even 90%, Also set max process to 2.
A larger number gives almost no performance gain, but it causes a lot of problems.
I also have an Nvidia RTX 2070 Super graphics card and so far I have not changed the settings, there were also problems with resets and reboots!
At the same time, I have a Corsair 1000 W power supply.
And I suggest the developer to set such default settings, to have fewer problems.

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The problem is the PSU that is a cheap Chinese one and not the App. His problem was already talked and explained some time ago in the Topaz Facebook group and he already knows what to do, buy a better one but he says he doesn’t have the money for a new one.
This is what I think… when the App starts there is a sudden kick in the power usage of the GPU and probably that’s the cause of the computer crash.

Sorry for the off-topic…


Hi… Hey J. Norum, when you are not playing in tour with Europe you play with Topaz… ahahaha

Anyway, the quality of a PSU is a very big difference. A chinese declared 600w PSU, in reality has half of the power, something like 250w/300w. In a long period, using a Chinese PSU that cannot deliver the necessary watts can be destructive for your video card and the other components. A good PSU with stable power supply can makes your components last longer. You don’t need an oversized watt PSU, but a good PSU. I have a Seasonic Fanless Titanium 600w that is the best you can buy (now there is the 700w version too of this fanless version). Another superb PSU is the Be Quiet Dark Power 750w Titanium. Anyway with Seasonic or Be Quiet you can’t go wrong. If you want to go lower, and you want something like Coolermaster, you have to go with the Coolermaster Gold Vanguard series (the vanguard series is branded by Coolermaster but is made by Seasonic)


HI, when will the TopazLabs ffmpeg Github repository be updated for the new filters…

With version Artemis and Iris both fail with
Error applying option ‘blend’ to filter ‘tvai_up’: Option not found

Artemis appears to work, well run, if you remove the blend option, I haven’t see the output yet as its a big video
Iris SegFaults if you attempt to run without blend

logsForSupport.tar.gz (7.4 KB)

Good job in general, the audio in Premiere and Audition gives problems in H264.
I will keep you informed of the rest.

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As I already wrote, I don’t have a cheap Chinese power supply at all, but a Corsair HX-1000 Ret CP-9020139-EU With 80 PLUS PLATINUM certification at a price of 250 Euros, but still had the same problems and I fixed them with the settings.
I suggest in the Processing settings to set for the video card max. memore usage at 95 or even 90%, Also set max process to 2.

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I confirm, disabling default preset works. That’s an odd bug, although…


After Iris comes out, looking at the cpu and gpu usage, Iris seems to use cpu more than Gpu mainly. Right?
When exporting 4k and 8k using Iris, the usage of gpu, whether automatic or manual, is mostly less than 50%.
Oh my gpu is rtx 4090 24gb.
Oh by the way, thank you for trying to give me good updates every time.
I hope all of your teams are happy and healthy.

The software hasn’t improved in speed for a long time

But the funny thing is that it only restarts from version 3.0. In previous versions it works perfectly, and the power supply is the same, which leads me to think that tvai is the culprit, it must consume more resources since version 3

Yes, TVAI v3 makes better use of the hardware than 2.x, which is why if there is a minimal problem with it (in your case probably the PSU), it’s more likely than before that your computer fails.
In my case, I got sometimes a black square in the output video which I discovered was from a slightly too aggressive RAM overclock, which didn’t cause any noticeable problem in any other app. Since lowering the RAM speed slightly, the black boxes have disappeared (another user had the same problem also from RAM overclock).
In any case, it was my fault (overclocking too high) and I corrected it. The software can’t be made the culprit because it’s only fair enough to expect a correctly configured and stable system. If any software would have to adapt to badly configured systems, that would be a complete nightmare for the developers.