Topaz Video AI v3.1.7

Any plans on adding support for AMD AI cores in RDNA3?

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Here you go.
It seems that forum does not allow to upload .gz files, so I zipped them. Consider allowing .gz files or zip the logs.

Although Apollo is not the best, there is no other option. Chronos and Chronos Fast when converting high-quality HD and UHD video to 60fps, if the camera is moving in the frame, give unacceptable errors in the video. If in the frame there are trees, rocks, windows, nets, there will definitely be an unpleasant flicker.

thanks for the info would more updates be able to keep more detail

OK, here is an example
2023-03-01-16-54-40-Main.tzlog (66.0 KB)

I have yet to see what petrovichsergey10’s talking about. Here’s a little test clip I made on all the interpolation models. It was with Apollo 5, we just got 7, but I don’t see any issues with it and it’s full of trees. Maybe it happens more in UHD.

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I just tested 3.1.7 frankly the export of video encoding is slower with Proteus , than the previous version, why? I have an RTX 3090, and with 3.1.4 and 3.1.6 it’s faster, 3.1.7 very slow.
The bêta version is very fast encoding. Not really 3.1.7 :confused:

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With the conversion of high-quality video up to 60 or 120fps, Apollo does well. And Cronos has flaws. I wrote to support. They replied that they knew about this Cronos problem

I compared the results. Left for myself:

  1. 4k to 120/60fps - Apollo.
  2. 1080p to 4k120/60fps - Apollo+Artemis Hight

Just adding a bug. On the UI if you set the preview to be 100% it is not 100%. It is closer to 150% or so in size. Not sure if you can correct that or not, but the previews (at least on lower resolutions like 480p) seem to be larger than actual output. This was tested on single view, split view and side-by-side view. Ideally it would be nice if you can give us back the mouse scroll wheel option where we can even zoom to 50% of original size instead of just ‘fit’ so that we can preview the output and how it may look if downscaled.

Yes, this would be great! Just look at your old software Topaz, it had stuff right from the get go! :stuck_out_tongue:

uhh… just updated and now my videos won’t even preview. I have an assignment due Friday. How do I revert back to the previous version? I “kept the old files”, so are they already on there? If so how do revert back to them?

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What is the difference between Apollo and Apollo soft ?

Yes Joe, I’m pretty much the same. Converting VHS boxing from 70s/80s and finding either Chronos Fast or the newest Apollo seem to handle the constant, and sometimes fast, motion.

i’ll wait until its more updates to see if i can keep more detail

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i’ll just wait for more updates i want as much details kept when upgrading to 60

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Still it is impossible to install v3.1.7 for me :frowning:

The setup outputs “An error occurred while attempting to create the directory. C:\ProgramData\Topaz Labs LLC\Topaz Video AI”

I can use the standard directory - error.

I can use a custom directory (on a different harddrive) - error, showing the same message.

Maybe there is a default string used somewhere, that DOES NOT allow to install the files in a different directory than the one on C:?

Help would be very much appreciated. (Giga Pixel / Photo AI do not show this behavior and install easily.)

I went back through those tests, and compared them to the original clip. There is some blurring that, to me, just gets rid of the grain. BUT, that’s all from the H265 24 CRF setting I used to make them small enough to upload. If I put the CRF down to 14 it looks mostly like the original except the grain happens different. That’s the best way I can describe it. Personally, I don’t like film grain, so I consider the removal of it an improvement.

@nipun.nath Logs uploaded to drop box.

It’s not a big downgrade from what i can see but its there the blurring i can notice it ,i don’t like grain either but i need it to keep my quality as high as can be

I work with old shows so i need that extra grain they have for my shows to upscale to hd great

I really do wanna upgrade to all shows to 60 while keeping the grain