Topaz video AI [v3.1.11] - Window can't be opened

Topaz AI is probably working, but you can’t open the window and check the status. The window will not open. Progress cannot be resumed after killing the process.

Topaz video AI [v3.1.11] on [Windows]

You must be confused. The latest release version of TPAI is 1.2.10!

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Good lord… Wrong forum… :joy:

It should be topaz video ai

same issue today…

window can’t be maximalisied and don’t show up

it seems is finished now… but window still can’t be opened, maximalisied, moved…

I’m guessing alt-tab nor windows-tab do anything.

Yeah… Same… I don’t think even higher version will solve it. I have this issue few months

I don’t use the GUI much at all. I had it not resume once, but I think I was able to alt-tab to get it to show. Or I didn’t care and closed it because I only run short previews in the GUI. CLI is where I do the long jobs.

I only got Windows 11 because I saw you could fix all of its GUI issues with a program called StartAllBack. On this computer I have never had any issues, but last night, on my laptop, I had a game freeze and could open the taskmanager, but not view it. No matter what I did.
Purely based on that incident, I willing to say it’s a Windows issue, but I do think people have said they’re having the same issue with Windows 10.

Hi Gabriel,

Just wanted to let you know our developers have been made aware of this issue and we are working on reproducing the bug so that we can find a solution.

Thank you,

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Thank you, I really appreciate it.

I renewed my license today, so I’ve updated to the latest build and I’ll keep watching. Otherwise I would like to attach a benchmark.

Topaz Video AI  v3.2.1
System Information
OS: Windows v11.2009
CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 7900 12-Core Processor               31.152 GB
GPU: AMD Radeon RX 7900 XTX  23.945 GB
GPU: AMD Radeon(TM) Graphics  0.47445 GB
Processing Settings: device: 0 vram: 1 instances: 0
Input Resolution: 1920x1080
Benchmark Results
Artemis		1X: 16.27 fps 	2X: 9.45 fps 	4X: 3.01 fps 	
Proteus		1X: 15.36 fps 	2X: 9.04 fps 	4X: 3.06 fps 	
Gaia		1X: 8.44 fps 	2X: 5.65 fps 	4X: 3.51 fps 	
4X Slowmo		Apollo: 20.97 fps 	Chronos: 10.35 fps 	Chronos Fast: 17.12 fps 	

it’s about 2x as much as I measured in version 3.1.11, but I think it would need even more performance optimization