Topaz Video AI v3.0.1

Hello Everyone!

A new version of Topaz Video AI is now available.

Released October 25, 2022

Download: Windows | Mac

Changes from v3.0.0:

  • NVIDIA users: Driver version 522.25 or higher is required
  • Preferences UI updated
  • Video load times improved
  • Licensing fixes for users with Oct. 2022 expiry
  • Backup file for export now deleted
  • Processing errors for Image sequence inputs should be fixed
  • Fixed H264, H265, H265 Main 10 encoders degrading quality on Mac
  • Fixed AVX check issues with installer
  • Fixed GUI not appearing/ disappearing on windows in some cases
  • Fixed blank preview when setting preset in Preferences to a custom preset
  • Fixed “Max. Memory usage” set to 10% by default
  • Fixed show in Finder not working if … is in the path
  • Re-direct Give Feedback button
  • Export As shows default filename
  • Have tooltips dynamic so they fit into screen
  • Export path fixed in cases with special characters
  • Other misc fixes

File Submission Dropbox: Submit Files


I just tested upscaling a short video. When exporting to a ProRes 422 LT file the audio is still screwed up.

What does it mean? I purchased in November 2011 so my expire will happen next month. I wonder if 3.0 will be usable at that time.


V3.0.1 Processing Error on Preview - Click on the Red icon in the output list to read the error message.
There is no Red icon.
OK after more searching I need to update my NVidia Driver - I had v512 from May 22 and the prgram wants version 5.20 or newer. I’ll test that now.

yes, just noticed that. i’m using a RTX A4500 but last driver update are 517.40 lol. so can’t use the 3.0.1 for now. must wait nvidia update their driver for this brand which is different than the geforce one.
from what i could read on the log, they updated the minimum use for cuda to 12.0 in 3.0.1 while 517 driver use 11.1

hope Nvidia will update their driver quickly ! 3.0.1 doesn’t have error on my 1050ti which have 522 last driver fortunatly.

I just updating to version 3.0.1 and I have new issues:
-If the newly imported video is trimmed, no preview or export possible. Clicking button will just make the picture blink for a millisecond then nothing happening. If export as is choose, then the export screen appear but nothing happen after clicking the save button.
-If no trim is done at first, the preview button is possible to be press. When clicking it, the preview try to process but after like 2-3 min, the app crash.
Conclusion, 3.0.1 unusable for me.

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by curiosity , which driver do you use ? minimum driver needed for nvidia card are now 520.

BUG: If I select stabilization with rolling shutter, the result is just a completely washed out screen, pretty much a couple of hues that were in the video. Happened with the initial release and this one as well.

Edit: Forwarding through my processed video, I see this happening with the stabilization choice to reduce jitter also, it just takes longer to occur.

I tried reprocessing my video in handbrake and ffmpeg to make sure my source was not the issue.

516.59, oups, let me try the new one.

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Getting the same Generating Preview screen forever when clicking preview.

Wow, ok, after 5 min the preview went out. That will be very productive…

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I install NVideo 5.22 and that fixed my program.
I feel the preview is faster than before also.

Just to give some confirmation: the minimum NVIDIA driver version is 522.25. We’ve updated some of the hardware encoders in this release. Apologies for missing it in the initial release notes, I’ve updated the top of the thread to mention it.


Funny, they still have the bug when you click on the preferences window it activates the load media action from the screen behind it if you didn’t click specifically in one of the buttons in the preference page… you would think someone testing this would notice and correct it at some point.

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It’s quite clear that in house testing doesn’t actually cover USE of the product as a normal user would. A significant amount of the annoyances couldn’t possibly get through if they did.


Clicking in Topaz 3.01 to “show in Explorer” only seems to work when the file is completed, not when it is in progress:

Is this an expected action, can it be updated to do two things:

  1. Show you where the temp file is being built so you can confirm/monitor your free space in the temp drive?
  2. and/or to reveal in finder even if it’s an in progress file, or at least tell you why it can’t reveal it so you know vs thinking its doing nothing?

How do I go back to the 2.6.4 version?
It was deleted when it intalled 3.0.

Where do I go to reintall 2.6.4 until the bugs are sorted?

Thank you

frankly I will never use this new version which is really horrible sorry to say. it’s always full of messed up things. let’s all get back to 2.6.4 to show the VEAI team that they have to continue following this version 2 which will always remain the best and that they have to stop the production of version 3 seriously. Let’s all be strong and together to tell the team to continue version 2. wake up people and stop saying that version 3 is good, you can see that it hasn’t been good as a version since its creation. this version 3 is a big regression of VEAI that we knew before, version 2 will remain the best. let’s all be together to tell them to continue version 2 and if they don’t want to, well we too will stop paying for the license simply because they don’t listen to their customers. because it is we who pay as far as I know. my post is not offensive it’s just to wake up some people who haven’t opened their eyes yet.


As bad as 3.x is, there were things in the code for 2.x that prevent taking it much further. I just wish they’d take a hard look at the mess that 3.x is, back up, and methodically fix it, starting with the annoyances that any basic QA could have caught, and then LISTENING to user feedback by way of a JIRA.


I agree with you, because from the beginning they don’t really listen to us so that version 3 is correct. How many times have we told them to speed up video encoding for export? in the end it is always very slow. how many times are they told to solve the problem of this version 3? in the end, well, not much to settle. I say even if they make this version 3 that they continue on the other side version 2 for those who use it. I think version 2 may have new options I’m pretty sure.