Topaz Video AI v.5.1.0 Not Processing Video

I just upgraded to the v.5.1.0 and immediately noticed 2 problems which have essentially broken the software.

The first is that no processing occurs. Even after hitting the render/preview button and waiting for processing to complete, no processing of the video occurs. The “result” pane is indistinguishable from the input pane. This was repeated using various AI models.

The second problem is that the new beta Instant Render slider results in change in aspect ratio. Circular items become oval.

Is there an easy way to revert to the previous version?

UPDATE: From the download page, my options were to either re-download v.5.1.0 or revert to v. 2.x. I did an complete uninstall of TVAI (thank you, Revo!) and then re-installed v.5.1.0. I’m now able to get processing. Odd.

Hi Mark, I just replied to your support ticket as well. Glad to hear you are back in the app. We keep all the installer files listed over on the Video AI releases - community page if you ever need to access an older version.

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Davinci 19 (3rd beta)
MacStudio M1 Ultra

After updating the program to version 5.1.0 today, the program essentially stopped working. PRORES files are not accepted by the program. Uploading files to the program turns it off. In the Davinci program, after clicking the TopazLabs/Enhence plug-in, the Davinci program immediately turns off. Generally, there is some serious error in the current update.

It’s best not to update until then. It’s better to stay with the previous version.

p.s. where can I download the previous version of the program?

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Well, the video upscaling is working now, but I’m getting new a/v sync problems on the video rendered. Will need to go back to 5.0.4 anyway.