Topaz Video AI performance on Mac Studio M1

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    When performing an enhancement progressive Iris Face Low quality fix compression 12, improve detail 34, sharpen 37 reduce noise 8, dehalo 3, anti alias 4, recover detail 31 on a 480p video to FHD 24fps. I see on version 4.1.1 that the CPU has use but GPU is not
    is there a cause for this as I have configured to use the GPU of M1

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This is a long standing bug or more anomaly of TVAI with Apple Silicon. For SD material you should set RAM to 10% and the hardware will be used much better and the encode going faster.

This is a SD → FHD upscale here on my M2 Ultra with Iris and RAM set to 85%:

Bad hardware utilization and slow encode (5fps).

The exact same task just with RAM set to 10%:

Resources much better used and about double the speed.

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