Topaz video AI not working properly

i cant find the search bar from the tutorials and everytime i try to export i get a error. im running a high quality hp laptop with 64gb ram.

Please state the error, and attach saved output from DxDiag.

im having issues importing videos into 3.2.3. I drag and drop, browse, etc. and the application won’t import the video at all, it does nothing.

Hi, this is something we are looking into. You can check this thread to stay up to date.

You can resolve this by performing a clean install. If possible, prior to performing this step, could you email me your logs?

  1. Uninstall Topaz Video AI
  2. Delete the plist files
    How To Delete Your Plist Files
  3. Reboot your Mac
  4. Reinstall

Thanks for your help :slight_smile: This user’s machine did not meet our system requirements.

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