Topaz Video AI Not Scaling up - Error Reports

4K video not scaling up using percentage or any other setting, latest and previous versions of Video AI report an error, tried various percentages 110%, 120%, 125%, tried 2x, all fail to preview and report an undefined error.
macOS Sonoma 14.5 (132.2 KB)

Discovered the problem, the original clip for upscaling is ProRes 422 and Topaz Video AI defaults to an H264 Output setting.

Changed the Output setting to ProRes Std and it’s working again.

Output settings should not surely interfere with processing at the Preview stage?

Previews are generated in whatever format the export settings are set to, and export defaults can be set in the preferences.

Thanks Alan, yes, I figured it out eventually. It was an error message I hadn’t encountered before. Curious though as to why Topaz Video AI cannot manage a ProRes 422 to H264 conversion in Preview mode and throws up an error alert.

The h.264 encoder has a 4K size limit.