Topaz Video AI Not Saving Previews

I’m using TVAI 5.1.3 and my previews are not being saved. So it’s impossible to compare different settings as both preview panes say “Unprocessed”. And even worse, the previews are disappearing and can no longer be opened in an external player. I can view a processed preview once, but once I process the movie with a different setting, the first preview is no longer available. The “Open in External Player” and “Show in Explorer” are greyed out and inactive. Then, if I select the first preview, the second preview disappears, and now I’m left with no previews. Also, the window location of TVAI is not being saved and the top of the window is clipped the next time I open the program.
I’m using Windows 11 Pro 23H2, build 22631.3737 (2.7 MB)


This is a bug introduced in 5.1.2:

And still not fixed in 5.1.3:


Also experiencing this issue


Also have the same issue. Reinstalled a prior release as its useless without it.

In settings, go to crash recovery, then turn off “clean up preview headers”. It doesn’t fix all the problems, but it no longer deletes your preview when you render another on the same video.

Still running into the same issue after doing that unfortunately. The app is frankly unusable the last few updates and I probably won’t again until this is fixed at least.