Topaz Video AI crashed after several hours processing

Left task running overnight.

App displayed error when viewed in morning. (See screenshot).

Output file appears to have been satisfactorily generated and plays correctly.

Mac Studio System Report 20240419.spx (10.3 MB) (297.6 KB)

In the logs I see an error message relating to the file path for the export. Can you confirm that the file path is correct and the app has full access to the drive?


The folder /Users/paddyb/Documents/Topaz VideoAI Projects/DefaultProject/previews exists. The file referenced in the logs and the app has access. I will grant full access to the app and rerun to check and let you know.

The file "20240413 Catcams HEVC_821995416.mp4” referenced appears to be a preview file generated by Video AI and it does not exist on the system. I did generate previews before performing the full conversion.

As noted the full output file was generated and plays fine with QuickTime, Elmedia and on remote iPad, Samsung S23 Ultra and MacBook Pro devices over the LAN.

As an aside for information, the output file will not play on Synology Video Station either locally or remotely unless it is first passed to Compressor for rendering, using the same video specs as the iVideo AI output for render output.