Topaz Video AI 5.1.4

Hello everyone,

Today we have a new release, v5.1.4


Changelog from 5.1.3

  • Stabilization no longer has potential to hang app on swapping between ‘Previews’ and ‘Exports’ tab
  • In-to-out no longer disables the render button if your cursor is near end of timeline
  • Fixed Certain inputs making the timeline UI bugged
  • Fixed certain files not responding to ‘Show in explorer’
  • Fixed default export area not remembering your choice
  • Fixed default profile export setting not remembering
  • Fixed clicking render preview sometimes not putting you in processed area
  • Fixed many scrollable areas not hiding scroll bar when not needed
  • Fixed zoom percentage not updating when using shortcuts
  • Fixed buggy UI for image sequence Video Settings option dialog
  • Fixed broken shortcuts for all player controls in Welcome page
  • Fixed crop snapping to min/max before you finish typing
  • Fixed clicking cancel on preset creation still creating the preset
  • Fixed bug where you could edit video input settings in batch mode
  • Fixed ‘Include Preview & Export Settings’ in preset dialog closing the dialog
  • Added time elapsed/remaining to previews section
  • Added ‘Close Project’ button under ‘Save project as’
  • Added “Remove Noise” preset to defaults.

A nice bugfix release! Just in time for my cake day!



This is getting waay stupid!
Why on earth you keep changing the controls/interface so often??
As soon as we start to get used to the software, a new version pops up, and we have to re-learn it … ONCE AGAIN!
Why on earth is it deleting previews?? how can I do an A/B? what if I change my mind?
For goodness’s sake … make up your minds and stick with it.
Not happy! in case it wasn’t obvious.


I was told they are still working on fixing this issue.

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It is becoming a trend. Everytime they try to fix some bugs, they manage to create a few new ones.
A software that gets so many updates and revisions in a short space of time, speaks volumes about the state of mind of its team.


I’d be in favour of a feature freeze period until most of the bugs get fixed!


Perhaps something that would benefit this software given its current state is a divergence of different release cycles.

For example, they could create a STS and LTS model where the latest and greatest features get released weekly/bi-weekly in the Short Term Support version, while a more stable version focusing more on bug fixes and general stability gets released on a quarterly (3 month cycle) basis under a Long Term Support version.


There’s no need for different product versions for this. Topaz already has release and alpha/beta channels. They just need to stop moving betas to release until the majority of bugs have been resolved.


Guys, when are there going to be updates to the Ai models? Like Frame interpretation Aion. He’s still on v1 :smiling_face_with_tear: After such big bug fixes want to see more updates for Ai models please


Next model is Rhea, you should be able to access the Alpha to test it:

Edit: new version of Rhea released today:

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Thank u so much


Main activity with TVAI is installing new release, re-create project, re-recreate preset, re-download all models (with crashes each time), and get new bugs.
That lets very few moments to encode :sweat_smile:

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Presets and models don’t get deleted if you install over top of existing install and select ‘no’ when asked to delete old files.

Nothing is stopping you from saving your presets and models to another location for backup.

I be ok with a 8 to 10 week period with no more updates dropped to fix most of the bugs and drop 3 or 4 more model updates.


I meant we got alpha, beta, may be soon gamma delta aso releases …

What is now A MUST HAVE in the UI, that is not that bad is


Using ‘Instant rended’ force you to hide the useless bottom toolbar, and it’s a pain to do it so often

So please consider adding this USEFULL button that I caught from Gigapixel

Also window positioning at launch is still not fixed, and is also a true pain

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Fix the bugs. Release updated versions of models, especially first model to improve human body skin, like the face is improved.

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Not happy with constant bug fixes and no new models or model updates, however I went through the Rhea link someone posted and it does look impressive. If that is coming soon and it looks as good as those screenshots, then I will be pleased.

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I can see that a lot of people are getting irritated about how this is being done. Like I said it is more like we are paying full price for a beta version that needs constant fixes! I think your price is to high in the first place when there are now new competitors in the video improvement market. All we get is fixes and more problems that need to be fixed because of the other fixes that caused more problems. What about new models and more actual addons that make people want to stay with topaz labs? every update has a list of fixes as long as my arm but nothing really improves. There are some new promising video improvement programs in the works and I don’t see why I would want to stay with Topaz when there is something better and less expensive.


The only way to not have “constant bug fixes” is to concentrate on not having so many bugs to fix. The way to do that is to work out all the bugs at the beta stage and not put out “new feature/new model” releases until they are nominally bug-free. This would unavoidably mean fewer and less frequent new/updated models in the release versions, but people who really wanted them could download betas.

Nope, not fixed … still the same bug as before.

Export just “stopped” after about 7 hrs of rendering 1080p to 2X to 2160p … no errors, nothing, just stopped at 0fps (for over an hour). I eventually gave up and cancelled the export.

I don’t know who tests your release or if they are tested at all, but I’d recommend you look for alternate testers and/or MORE testers. This is getting a little more than just annoying now after several months of the same bug … it certainly pushed me away from any thought of renewal.