Topaz Video AI 5.1.3

Hello everyone!

Today we have a new release, Video AI 5.1.3


Changelog from 5.1.2

  • Fixed render in-to-out range.
  • Fixed player looping over same beginning region when saving with a trim in projects.
  • Fixed various UI icon related problems
  • Fixed 'None' option showing twice in 'default audio settings' area in preferences
  • Fixed Instant Render rotation showing stretched output
  • Fixed EXR failing to convert / import
  • Fixed image sequence exports being lost intermittently
  • Fixed some Instant Render related crashing
  • Fixed a bug where toggling Instant Render only applies to the currently selected view
  • Previews no longer overlap when generating and will fill in gaps instead for optimal performance
  • Added full app version to the header

When new roadmap?
Is there any info what models is coming, whats planning?


Not impressed by this release and here’s why:

  1. Preview list items disappearing is still a problem in this release!

  2. Saving presets dialog still disappears!

  3. Application still opens several pixels to the right of the screen and doesn’t remember maximized window state when minimized and restored!

This should not have been released in its current state. The preview issue is a major bug and the preset dialog has been going on for weeks now.



This is obviously a good starting point, but … the bug list is at least 10th the length of this patch.

To my mind you should do less release, but reliables ones.

The things you patched may concern 5% of owners.

Do train also your AI models because only Proteus and Nyx are worth (really) something.



Omg ! Did you really fix it ? :scream:



1.Fullscreen Issue.
The program does not start in fullscreen mode. Even after switching to fullscreen mode, closing the program, and restarting it, it does not start in fullscreen mode.

2.Close window after setting the resource folder and export folder in the preferences, when you go back to the preferences, both folders appear to be unspecified or only the export folder is unspecified. As a result, the output files are sometimes saved in the folder where the original video is located instead of the export folder.

3.After setting the bitrate to constant and specifying a target bitrate, the resulting video often has a lower bitrate than the target bitrate.

If you have decided not to develop better AI models and shifted your development direction towards being a graphics tool, then:

  1. It would be great to add a feature that allows individual selection (ctrl+click) or partial bulk selection (shift+click) and deletion of files in the exports section (not files in sources). I remember this feature being available in the past, but it is currently not available.

  2. It would be useful to have a feature that allows selected files to be rotated in the same direction simultaneously. Currently, you have to select and rotate each file one by one.

  3. When selecting multiple files and performing enhancement tasks simultaneously, and then exporting them, the frame rate is still determined based on the first file. Therefore, each file must be selected and exported individually.


The app is now creating a full size temporary file in the location of the source file during processing, and then copying that file to the actual destination folder when processing completes.

Whatever that is accomplishing, an option to disable that behavior is essential, especially with giant ProRes files. It forces the user to free up perhaps 100 GB or more on both the source file drive and the destination drive when outputting to large ProRes files. Not to mention, the necessity to endure the copying of the large file after processing completes.

I would also rather not put 100GB of writes on two SSD or NVME drives when I could do it to only one.

Even if it means disabling the recovery feature, I would like to have the option to do so in order to disable writing TWO large files every time I process something in ProRes HQ.


Turning these three options off will disable the creation of the temporary file:



Why don’t you update the models anymore? It’s why I bought this software.


With Export As, a copy of the export is saved next to the source file as well. Does Topaz have a QA department? EDIT: Going to stay on 2.6.4. Not renewing the subscription to just continuously download more and more broken “updates”. I’ll check back with Video AI 8 and see where we are.

Even when “Use temporary directory” is disabled TWO FILES ARE STILL CREATED:

So we lose the pause, resume and crash recovery features, and STILL need double the storage space… :person_facepalming:t2:

WHY “a new file will be created”?? WHY can’t THE SAME file be used, just rename it at the very end?


And the training of the models…Are the models still trained with AI?..Artemis years without updating…Proteus and Iris months without news…what is happening with the important part of this business… with the models?


It wouldn’t be so bad if you paid once and got free updates forever, but you have to pay yearly. It feels bad to pay yearly and get 1-2 model updates a year. That’s not good enough. The value isn’t there.


I am sorry to say that the final 5.1.3 still forgets the H.265 Main 10 even if it is set in the preferences or saved to a preset. :eyes:


The only thing that i can assume is that they work on something big.

But he is right.

I like the Proteus, Iris, Nyx etc… models but my main problem with super 8 scans or with clips from old cameras is flickering. When this happens, the models do not follow and suddenly it is well filtered and a few mages later (when there is flickering) the grain or noise appears immediately. The uniformity of the results is lost. It’s frankly unpleasant. Current solution: make a first pass in an NLE with a deflicker + light stabilization + remove dust (super 8 scan). Afterwards with Topaze it’s OK.
Maybe we should add this deflicker first (the most important)? Thank’s.

I know that TVAI did flicker by itself in the past and i did fix it via resolve.

I think that flickering is a problem of tile based processing itself, because every tile is a little different.


I hope you’re right. Iris was very cool. I would love for that to be continuously improved upon.


Another UI refresh!



:sweat_smile: who knows.

I hope for fresh models, without artifact, high speed and high quality.