Topaz Video AI 5.0.3

Hello everyone,

We have a new release available for Video AI.


Changelog from 5.0.2

  • Added back reset button for timeline zoom.
  • Added .SER as an importable file type.
  • Fixed certain input tiff sequences failing to load with projects.
  • Fixed 0s elapsed bug when finishing export.
  • Fixed stabilization not reloading in app (loading with error).
  • Fixed benchmarking failing to load.
  • Fixed trim + crop + rotation persistence across projects.
  • Fixed EXR+DPX failing to reconvert.

Known Issues

  • EXR/DPX Exports may lose input frame number.
  • Inconsistent “Preview X frames” enable status.
  • Looping previews has a stutter.
  • Live preview can have frame de-sync.

The pause button is still not showing for me. :slightly_frowning_face:

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Wow, so many bugs in the release … did anyone internally test this?

  1. Create a Preset. Click on the “Include Preview & Export Settings” and it immediately closes the dialog box and doesn’t save export setting in the Preset.
  2. When batch video processing, if I click on one Input source make changes to the video settings, then click on another video source I lose ALL the settings I just made for prior video source. This makes batch processing almost useless.
  3. If 1 out of my 26 video sources doesn’t have audio it prevents me from changing Audio Mode “Copy” to “Convert”. It’s meaningless to have a UI restriction (prevent changing from Copy to Convert) since there is no audio anyway so neither Copy nor Convert would be relevant so why prevent the change?
  4. In batch processing mode there is NO WAY to cancel all processing at once, have to go to each source one clip at a time and cancel, gets tedious with 100 plus input sources. Gets worse, if I try to “Close all Inputs” while a batch is being process, the UI just locks up and eventually get a “Not responding”.
  5. Again for batch processing, when I select all inputs and click on the Export button (lower right) the UI doesn’t switch the tab to Export, just leaves it in Preview tab, not desirable at all, if a user performs an action that has related progress they should be presented with that process or else the user thinks NOTHING is happening and they click the Export again … and again. Action with Result … don’t leave the user wondering if anything is happening or not and make then hunt for another tab (Export) to see activity.

Sorry, but this latest version is horrible, I just can’t believe it passed any testing be it internal or beta testing. Is this a one person show/developer trying to do everything? If so that might explain why there are so many issues with UI and event messages.

I love this product when it works but so many new bugs and old bugs coming back to life. You might want to reduce the weekly deployments and focus more on a proper UAT cycle.



Bug found: Benchmark showing input resolution as undefined even though it is defined (as 1920x1080FHD in my case). Happening on both my Windows 11 PC and my MacBook Pro.

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For those who want it, I place here m configuration of 3 presets to enhance sequences from the Star Trek Voyager series. The 3 presets are to be used for enhancement. One is for denoising and sharpening. The 2nd is for scaling. And the 3rd is for overall enhancement with standard focus.

ST Voyager. Phase 1 (Denoised).json (2,7 Ko)
ST Voyager. Phase 2 (Scaling).json (2,7 Ko)
ST Voyager. Phase 3 (Re focus).json (2,3 Ko)

Some overviews after the 3 improvement phases :blush:

For more distant shots, it’s harder to get a clean look at the characters.

Spaceships are generally clean

Note that in close-up shots like this one, uniforms and skin details are really very clean.

I also make no secret of the fact that I show the best images :sweat_smile:. But at 1m50 or 2 from the screen, the results are relatively good.


Also, on an RTX 3070 Ventus, I have a speed of:
0.04 spf for phase 1.
+/- 0.06 spf for phase 2.
and 0.03 or 0.04 spf for phase 3.

So overall between 30 and 40 minutes for phase 1 and 3, and 58 minutes to 1:00 and a few minutes for phase 2.

looks good, but IMO too much of the “AI upscale” look for my personal taste. I would dial up the “recover original detail” to around 50-80 to tone things down


Yeah, maybe. It could be. To be tested.

Ur gonna be so sick of seeing all the clips of the show by the time you find the perfect settings you won’t want to watch it anymore :rofl:

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Export error! Shortly before it was finished after 5 hrs!!! Waste of energy and time.

Immediate crash if clicking on anything when program loads. I did notice that it seems to be stuck on getting license info. I ran a system restore to get back 5.02 which is working fine.

I can’t manage to export a video and play it on iPhone photos, I tried in multiple formats

I’m doing the original series right now. Just Proteus alone is doing good work.


Most of the space scenes are still heavy with grain—and sometimes Proteus bakes that grain into the ships. Overall I find that acceptable because the original doesn’t look any better and those parts only last maybe two seconds at the longest.

Hahahaha. I never did the Star Trek Voyager upgrade again. This is the first time I’ve enhanced it :wink:. I’m currently in season 5. In the first phase. But first I de-interlaced all the sequences via Handbrake. Because Video AI’s deinterlacing models aren’t great.

It was simpler to remove all traces of the software and reinstall 5.0.2.

I had picked up an HD Ready remaster of that series. I made it full HD and used Artemis MQ. The end result was pretty good.
Some examples

Just to compare with my copy

What makes me laugh, though, are the crumpled paper backdrops painted to give the illusion of rock. Perhaps the SD source gives less of an illusion of crumpled paper, but in HD, it’s obvious :rofl:.

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And I know there’s a Blu-ray version out there somewhere. I’m not sure if it was only the remastered version with recreated special effects though. So I’ll stick with this version.

Yes, this is it. With the special effects redone. At least for the space effects and some of the Vulcain planet scenery in a panoramic wide shot.

I am now using video proc converter AI got the lifetime student edition Man finally a piece of software that uses my decoder encoder and 3d features from my nvidia and wow the hardware converter is fenomenal I know now Topaz is dead

yeah remastered with video proc ai