Topaz Video AI 4.2.1

Hello everyone,

We have a new release available with bugfixes and improvements to both the Video AI application and the DaVinci Resolve plugin.


Changelog from 4.2.0

  • Added plugin installation selection to Windows .msi package.
  • Fixed batch processing issues with interlaced/mixed FPS inputs.
  • Fixed previews overwriting exports when using "Export As".
  • Fixed preview sets / views losing their selection across inputs.
  • Fixed MXF trim errors.
  • Fixed non-square PAR videos not fitting to preview window.
  • Fixed input-specific playback errors.
  • Fixed some cases of content scrolling beyond edge of containing window.
  • Added Export Error Resolver to macOS.
  • Filter states per view + selected view are now preserved across swapping inputs.
  • Resolve Plugin Updates:
  • Faster processing, reduced initialization time, resolved some memory access crashes.
  • Updated to Proteus v4
  • "Estimate" button fixed (macOS)
  • After Effects Plugin:
  • Plugin can now be installed to beta releases of After Effects.

Known Issues

  • EXR/DPX Exports may lose input frame number.
  • Inconsistent “Preview X frames” enable status.
  • Looping previews has a stutter.
  • Live preview can have frame de-sync.



Oh weird. The window size got reset. BUT not out of the screen this time. That’s so much better.

This sounds like it will be a big update for everyone doing batch processing.

Also, for the first time ever, the update downloaded in two seconds.

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The exported file will have one more duplicate frame. This does not affect the final effect, but please don’t ignore it. Please fix it.


not fixed
I have the feeling you guys didn’t even try to reproduce the issue as described. as it is very simple and quick to see, but yet your response was it was fixed…


Good update with visible speed bump for Mac. Thank you.


Update: Looks like “auto” is the problem, manual looks better, without cutoff ← but not with Nyx.

Proteus on, Proteus off.

Seriously, I would really like to see a version without any problems.

It’s slowly getting ridiculous and I’m feeling the need for professionalism.

Here you can see how it shifts the tonal values, not quite as much as in the other module but very obviously.

The second enhance module is not active.

Cutoff made visible

Nyx does not denoise.

Nyx Auto

Nyx Manual

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So there are two issues with this version I have come across…

  1. The ‘Export All’ option has stopped working and I can’t select multiple input files and add them all to the export queue, either via the right click option or the blue Export button, it only adds the first input file of the selected items to the queue and ignores the rest.

  2. There has been an ongoing issue with the Default Preset option, in the last few releases, where a custom preset that uses the AI Model Iris MQ gets switched to Proteus when input files are loaded, so you have to use the ‘Reset To Preset’ option after loading input files to make sure the correct model is used. Now when you load input files it’s ignoring any Default Preset you have set in the preferences and just has ‘None’ as the preset, along with the existing issue.



8K can’t crop

still erroring with aoin

2024-03-13-11-24-10-Main.tzlog (380.5 KB)

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The functions to copy and paste parameters from one clip to a selection of other clips doesn’t work reliably anymore. I mean copy and paste from the context menu and “copy and paste on steroids” as described here. With the last beta it still works.


Would you mind describing the issue in more detail and a workflow how to reproduce it? I’m asking, because what you see below is 8K cropped in VAI 4.2.1 ( 7680x4320 16:9 to 7680x3200 2.4:1).

Tying to batch export a set of selected clips opens a file dialogue for the first clip and ignores the rest, although the export button and the export menu show the item count correctly:


Report you case in my “error” thread :wink:

no audio after upscaling

feels like magic when it works, but more often I find it less magic and more pain. Im on a maxed out m3 max MacBook Pro and it crashes all the time , colors are just wrong and in my view the fps conversion is worse. I wish it supported HDR , rec2020 , etc.

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My vedio shoot by Canon r5 8k(8192*4320) can’t.

I can no longer export multiple sequences with the same settings. The export button shows the number of clips that I have selected, but when I press export, only one of the sequences is exported.

Is Aion getting TensorRT acceleration?