Topaz Video AI 3.5.2 gives error whenever I try to stabilize (was working fine b4 upgrade)

Whenever I turn on stabilization, this new version of Topaz Video AI always gives an error. It says click on the red X which in turn says contact support, which is what I’m doing now.

I have the same issue

same issue

Same issue as well … anyone know a solution or work around?

To get 3.5.2 to work do at first this:

How to Clear Your Topaz Labs Registry Entries (Windows) - Topaz Labs

If you get error messages or have issues with our apps, often uninstalling the program, clearing the registry (this article), and then re-installing the latest

Then download the install file here:

When you like to use Iris as enhancement you have now to choose the right Model V1 or V2

Set Input Video Condition: Enhancement/AI Model:Iris/InputVideoCondition:
For Low Quality Videos below 480p(vertical resolution) choose Iris-V1, for better resolution choose medium quality.

Hello everyone,

This has been resolved in the 3.5.3 update, which should be installed with these steps to ensure a complete update:

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