Topaz Video AI 3.1.10. I can't delete certain _temp files, but some I can

I noticed something strange in Topaz Video 3.1.10. After each finished processed video, the program also creates a _temp file, the size of which is almost the same as the video.
For some videos, this file cannot be deleted even after exiting the program. I deleted all the files from the Temp folder on the C drive, but that didn’t help either.
It is strange, because for some videos such a _temp file is not even created, but only the processed video is displayed at the end of the operation. Also, for some videos, I managed to delete the _temp files after a while, but there are some that I can’t delete for months (since the video was made), and it’s annoying because it takes up a lot of space on the hard drive.
In this case, the file cannot be moved to another folder either. This is completely random, for example this morning I tried to delete a previous _temp file which failed so far and now it was removed.
Has anyone else experienced this and does anyone know what could be causing it? I haven’t figured out why the program creates _temp files and allows or does not allow me to delete them. What some people have already described in the forum as a possible solution, the Auto Play Preview in the settings, I have it turned off, and yet this happens. I would greatly appreciate it if someone could provide a sensible and appropriate answer to this.

Mac or Windows?
From what I remember, only ProRes output makes those temp files. You might be better served with a lossless output like ffv1. (You can add it by modifying the encoders.json file. You should be able to find how by searching these forums.) TVAI 4 has ffv1 as one of the built-in output codecs.

Thanks for the output modification idea, I’ll check it out. This is Windows. Today I tested it with additional settings and I think I found out what the solution is besides what you described. In the program, in the File->Settings->Output->Video export menu item, instead of the ‘With preview’ option, I chose the ‘Without preview’ option. With this setting, the program did not create a preview or _temp file, only 1 file, the processed video, was created at the end of the process.

On Windows, not being able to delete files usually comes down to not having Administrator privileges, or not running as administrator.

I’ve had some programs very randomly create files that are limited in their user permissions. Open properties, then go to the security tab. Your user should have Full Control, Allow checked. I usually only have issues deleting files when that’s set to Deny.

Thank you very much, I managed to delete the _temp files with this solution.

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