Topaz video 5.0.4 can't open AVI file

my topaz will always immediately closed if i input AVI file.
all other files seems fine, and never encounter this problem in previous version.

post logs

there are no new logs.
it just immediately closed without any error info

Can’t help then as nothing to go on.

Is that happening with all AVI files? Problems with specific files can indicate an audio or video codec that isn’t supported (or not supported inside an AVI container).

i just checked, it is not happening with all AVI files. what should i do with that specific AVI file that can’t be use inside topaz video ai? because in previous version, i can use that specific AVI file normally. Thanks

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If you’ve used that specific file in a previous version of TVAI before, then maybe raise a support ticket on the main site asking them to look at that particular file to find out why it’s not working now.

Otherwise, just transcode it to something else as an intermediate file that will open for processing in TVAI.

what is the best place to transcode it to something else without reduce any of the video quality?

I use VLC Player to rewrap files when needed, pretty quick and a lot of choices.

I would use something like MediaInfo to determine what’s in the AVI file first.

i confirm that 5.04 has massive problems opening or processing a wide variety of foottage.
i am using topaz video ai from v1.6 on …
and i never had so many broken processes or issues like with

with all the previous versions i could open .vob files and very old crumbly sd files
and upscale them without any problems.
since v5.00 every third upscale breaks off in the middle
(sometimes after hours or shortly before the end) or it can’t open the file at all.

in the past the timeline jump in .vob files was no problem either, today it takes forever or jumps somewhere else in the timeline…

i’m not using 5.xx any more for the time being, otherwise it takes up unnecessary time

another annoying issue is that the dimensions of the gui are somewhat strange now
i have to click below many buttons - in the middle of nowhere - to hit the buttons.
desktop resolution here is still 3840x2160 for years now

p.s. i haven’t changed anything in my system for a year or more
still win10pro 22H2, 48gb ram, rtx3090, i-13900k
and it always ran rock solid and there were never any upscale crashes

i am using handbrake or makemkv to transcode many files without losing quality