Topaz Studio - The End?

Anyone know anything about Topaz pulling Studio and replacing it? There is a lot of talk on the Facebook group but nothing here. Fake news, or is it real?


There was some talk by Joe about Topaz Studio v2 about six months ago in these forums. He didn’t say much other than to indicate it was going to be a significant upgrade. I suspect it may have been temporarily sidelined by the stand alone AI releases.

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I believe what was mentioned on Facebook and sourced from Topaz support was that it would be replaced, all functionality would be the same except for the Text adjustment.

The report on Facebook seemed to suggest that it was to be a new app and support for Studio has already been discontinued.

I would expect a testing phase before release.

I sure as heck hope so!!!

I’m sure there will be a testing phase, I just thought it was a little strange the way it was announced.

If a version of Studio was produced which didn’t sideline most of our hardware - that would be a good way forward!


See this fb post

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I’m reading rumors that Topaz Studio is being replaced with a new product, is there any truth to this?

It inner workings are being entirely revamped - it may well appear (from the outside) to be a completely new product …

I suspect that what Topazlabs really needs to do is to place all the “legacy” plugins into one product, and make another product or “add-on” to contain the AI Plugins…?

Just as long as I don’t lose all my presets … blood sweat and tears went into them


Please tell me Studio is not discontinuing, I absolutely LOVE this application, I have a 2014 IMAC, it struggles to process , If Studio is upgraded significantly I suspect my Mac will not be able to function at all. .

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I wouldn’t say “The End” it’s more of a new beginning. Topaz Studio will be succeeded by Topaz Studio 2.0. It is heavily focused on the creation of different artistic looks and the user experience and workflows to do so. It has been in focused testing with multiple users over the last few months and will be entering into a closed beta later this week.

A more detailed letter concerning this topic will be published this week as well.

I will add that Topaz Studio 2.0 is a re-imagining of Topaz Studio and shouldn’t pose any significant increase in hardware requirement other than the minimum Mac OS will be raised to 10.12 based on a low level library requiring it. Further, I wouldn’t categorize this move the same as from a legacy plugin to an AI product.


Will we still have access to our custom presets at all? :slight_smile:

Topaz can’t seem to make it’s mind up about the direction of it’s products- Highly disappointing.
Topaz Studio has had enough troubles- I hate to see what happens with Topaz Art Studio. What happens to Studio purchases? From your explanation it sounds like Topaz Art Studio will move away from photo processing to special effects “looks”. Not very promising.

Topaz Art Studio is not what I purchased. I do not want or need for my work an emphasis on oil paint, watercolors, or charcoal drawings. For those that do, this is likely very good.

I sincerely hope that Topaz will provide a 100% refund for those of us want no part of Topaz Art Studio.

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Please see the link to a facebook post above which is a reply from support that states exactly what Topaz Art Studio will contain.


I fully understand. But I do not want to head down the an Art Studio trail.

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