Topaz Studio 2

I realize that your main focus seems to be on your AI offerings.

However, please do not forget or neglect Studio 2. this is a great product and us by most people i know. I hope we will soon hear an announcement of you intent for this tremendous product!

Richard Kozak

Sadly, Studio{2} is now a deprecated (orphaned, EOL, not supported) product.

Deprecated (legacy) products

For what it’s worth, i still use jpeg-raw & studio2.

I am really saddened by this. I was also hoping for an AI update to Studio 2

Would you please advise what you are doing with Studio 2. This has been my go to program and I would love to see you continue and improve it.

I hope I’ll get an answer.

On the main website it states Studio is discontinued …

I knew you hadn’t been updating it, and I’m sorry to hear that you are eliminating it entirely. I use it almost daily.
I know I can continue using it, as it is, but does anyone know whether there is a similar type of program out there?

It isn’t me, in just a user like you.

I Know it’s not you. I hope I didn’t give you a miss-impression. I appreciate your getting back to me.

Thank you.

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