Adjust AI

Please add crop tool to Adjust AI.
With other photo enhancing AIwares (if I can use such a term !) I can say good bye to other editing softwares. Please do consider

Adust-AI has seen zero significant functional updates since it was introduced, so I wouldn’t hold my breath. I think it had one minor maintenance update last year. There are defects that have been there since the beginning that still aren’t fixed.

For cropping you can use numerous other tools. IrFanview is a free one. Affinity Photo is what I use. Not free, but inexpensive.

I would say the chance of crop functionality being added to Adjust-AI are close to zero.

Yeah, Topaz Adjust AI is basically abandoned. A real shame, it could have been a fantastic competitor to the Luminar line of products from Skylum.

I asked before. Anser: no necessary


There are literally hundreds of apps that can crop an image (many free).

Isn’t this easily solved with one of them?

I spoke with one of Topaz Labs Technical Reps last Friday with resoect to the JPEG to RAW app and the tech confirmed that the following products are deprecated and at end-of-life (EOL). They are no longer pushing out updates and in most cases on their website, references and links have been removed. These are the impacted apps:

Adjust AI
Mask AI

I was told that the functionality of ghose programs have found a place in the newer apps, GigaPixel AI, Sharpen AI, DeNoise AI, and Photo AI. As an example, JPEG to RAW functionality has found a new home in GigaPixel AI.

Now it baffles me that there are still places on their website where you can still purchase the deprecated apps at the original price despite no longer being supported. Its called, hook ‘um and reel them in. :rage:

Hopefully this answers any questions about the older products.

Sad, but not surprising. I use Adjust-AI more than any other Topaz app. It has never had any serious functional issues and I don’t have to look for AI artifacts. As you have probably noticed, the issues with the other apps have exploded recently.

Please point these places out.

Just a case of sloppy web modifications, it appears since Inasked why hhese were still being sold at full price, Topaz may be trying to cover their tracks; however, all of these links still exist and are very much alive all the way hhough purchasing Adjust-AI, Mask-AI, and Studio 2.

Of course, the downloads for these legacy programs should still be available to owners who purchased them in the first place; but, not to those looking to purchase them now. Given the upates to their apps in 2020, everything was still live and like a damned fish, I thought I was buying something in addition to the new products on their line; so, I am out $179.00

Topaz Labs

Adjust AI

Can still be bought here at full price: Adjust AI - Topaz Labs
and: Cart - Topaz Labs

Mask AI

Can still be bought here at full price: Topaz Mask - Topaz Labs
and: Cart - Topaz Labs

Studio 2

Can still be bought here: Topaz Studio 2 - Topaz Labs
and: Cart - Topaz Labs


No link to buy anymore after I inquired and complained.

On the Downloads page, scroll down until you see: “Download Topaz Legacy Programs”

Press, Download Legacy Programs and that takes you to the following page:

This page has all of the downloads for Mac and PC.

If AIDon is part of Topaz Labs, then you need to direct someone to clean up the website. Even the simplest of website editors can search through all the website files to find lingering pages that should have been removed long ago. I should not have been able to by any of these in 2022 and think that having done someones job, that $179.00 should be refunded.

I do; however, agree with JLG ( jgr00ms2) though, Adjust AI is far more useful than Photo AI. I wasted ove 3 hours of time trying to clean up one photo with Photo AI and it did not change the image at all. There’s another $79 to $99 wasted. Just sayin’

And while you are at it; try to use Google to chase your old product links down. Thats how I got roped into this mess in the first place.

— Glenn Kelly

They are usually flexible on refunds. The outdated web-links are unfortunate, but are probably more sloppiness than nefarious. You would think they should disable the (new) purchase of the unsupported products in the order system at a minimum.