Topaz Products & Affinity Photo Working Together

It seems as though all Topaz Plugins, including Studio based plugins, now work through Affinity Photo v up … even mask based plugins such as ReMask & Mask AI will return a useable mask to the “Background Alpha” for the passed Layer.

The recommended workflow is as follows, with the last part the way to recover the mask:

  • Create a duplicate layer
  • Select either a Topaz Labs plugin, or a Topaz Studio plugin
  • Select OK to go back to Affinity Photo after applying the effect

Recovering the mask from ReMask or Mask AI, either invoked directly or via Topaz Studio 1:

  • Select Channels
  • Right-click on the Background Alpha and select “Create Mask Layer”
  • That Mask Layer can either be dragged onto a pixel layer or placed above the layer you wish to mask.

Re-edit the mask in ReMask only (not Mask AI):

  • You can re-edit the mask by simply calling ReMask again with the layer returned previously

NOTE: Automations (.8li) do not work in anything except Photoshop