Topaz Photo AI v3.0.2

In my case, when I export a RAW filw in 2.3.2 the resultant DNG is about 121 megabytes. If I crop and upscale to the original size (about 5200 pixels wide), I still get a DNG of about 121 megapixels. After processing in Photoshop Elements the resultant JPG is 8-13 meg, depending on the detail contained.

In PAI 3.x the resultant DNG is still 121 megabytes if I don’t crop. But if I do crop and upscale it is considerably smaller at around 30 megabytes. It’s as if upscaling isn’t being done at all. After processing that file in Photoshop Elements, the resultant JPG is about 1 megabyte, far too small to be useful.

Topaz is fully aware of this bug and I’ve sent them a Loom file containing all the steps I’ve taken. I’ve also sent them specific examples of the DNG and RAW files.

Perhaps there is something quirky about my specific setup or preferences. Perhaps it is operator error. Perhaps it has something to do with the ORF RAW file. Perhaps it’s a bigger issue than is recognized. Regardless, they’ve known about it for a month and all I hear back is “we are aware of the problem and it’s in the queue to be worked on. We have no ETA for resolution.”

Thanks. After that, it was pretty quick, about 10-15 minutes in all. :wink:

Yeah, that’s true, but it’s still okay. :sweat_smile:

I think her wooden leg has come loose. I prefer the original picture. It reminds me of the effects in the 1982 film The Thing.
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Great idea Ken! There’s a number of improvements and fixes I’d like to see for the crop tool as well.

Hey Renar - are you using Remove on cropped or upscaled images by chance when encountering these quality issues?

Hi, Dakota. I’m not sure. It was an image that was given to me by someone else. It was not the best quality image too. Might this have played a role?

Crop still doesn’t work!

Additionally, in countries where the decimal separator is a comma and not a dot, no value can be entered in the Scale field. You can only enter a comma, but then it does not calculate the width and height. And you can’t enter a dot.


Use a non-standard scale, for example enter width 3000.
Use face recovery.

Is there a newer version than 2.3.2 where this worked properly?

the old version is unusable, due to tiling artifacts

then let them sign up to be beta testers.

Has any noticed that you basically can’t batch upscale in version?

After you “SLECT ALL” it will only process those which you have “went on”, that have been autopiloted, otherwise it will just skip everything else. So if you’re trying to upscale a large amount of images, you’re expected to manually enter each image first and have them autopilot. ???

Pre-V3 you used to be able to just drag everything into the program, click Upscale all, and it will do the Autopilot automatically during the export process.

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Based on this review posted by @henry.richardson above, the grid is still present, hence still useless (at least for me).

I am also seeing preserve text not working where it worked before. I am in Win10x64.


Is the next TPAI release planned for today?

At this time the releases are every other Thursday, The next one should be on May 23rd.

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Yeah, I have the same problem. A swede living in Spain that can’t upscale with the separator I’m using just about every day of the week.

The problem has been mentioned on several occasions, bit there doesn’t seem to be any interest in fixing it.

Funny thing is that if you Google the subject you’ll find there’s a not an unimportant amount of countries that use the comma.

But hey… I guess all is OK as long as the ones across the pond from us don’t have any problems, right? :joy:


More countries use the comma than the dot, as a decimal separator! But population-wise, due to China and India, it’s the other way round.

The potential problem of decimal comma countries using a dot as the thousands separator is simply avoided by not allowing either of them as thousands separators. Then, Topaz can allow either a comma or dot to be the decimal separator. Simples. You’d have thought.

Even better, allow the user to choose which method to use in the Topaz product they bought.

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