Topaz Photo AI v3.0.2


There’s yet another important update to Photo AI which improves stability, performance, and issues with our popular Photoshop and Light Room Classic integrations.

In the prior release of 3.0.1 we improved memory usage problems which some users encountered with large batches of images, and in this release we have further improved results. You should now be able to process much larger batches of RAW images without degradations in performance.

Our plugin integration with Lightroom Classic and Photoshop automation have also received some important fixes. You can now export DNGs from Lightroom Classic again as long as the “Adjust Lighting” or “Balance Color” filters are not applied in the stack. With Photoshop automations, we also fixed an issue where file changes were not being saved on some devices.

Photo AI is getting better every day, and we won’t stop here.

There’s other important changes and optimizations under the hood in this release, such as window snapping for Windows devices.

A full change log is listed below.

Please give us any feedback or report issues with this release. We’ll be updating TPAI regularly to address those pieces of feedback and issue reports.

Released May 9th, 2024
Mac: Download
Windows: Download

Full changelog for version 3.0.2:

  • LrC will now export DNGs when processing RAWs without “Adjust Lighting” or “Balance Color”
  • Fixed a memory leak caused by large exports of RAW images
  • Fixed “Add to collections” feature for LrC sometimes not working on Mac
  • Fixed autopilot not applying to batch exports in some scenarios
  • Fixed PS Automate plugin not saving changes back to PS on some devices
  • Fixed PS Automate plugin looping when cancelling an export
  • Fixed the upscaling model selector not showing full names of models
  • Fixed images sometimes being skipped during export
  • Fixed switching images causing the wrong filters to be processed
  • Fixed RAW Denoise being added to invalid RAW images
  • Fixed context menu sometimes not opening
  • Fixed the shortcuts in preferences being horizontally draggable
  • Fixed invalid state when removing all enhancements on RAW images
  • Fixed incorrect font rendering on machines without the Inter font
  • Added support for window snapping on Windows
  • Adjusted PS dialogs on Mac and Windows
  • Updated Lensfun


Dakota Wixom
Product Manager
Topaz Labs


You’ve reversed the links for MAC and WIN downloads…WIN points to a PKG file and vice versa…

Edit: fixed now!

And yes I use a Firefox web page monitor called Distill so I know within 5 seconds when a new release is posted!



Memory leak tests with 30 images per batch (removing images after they are processed but not closing the app):

After app loaded:

Batch 1:

Batch 2:

Batch 3:

Batch 4:

So, improved but still not completely fixed - still not freeing up all the memory it is using.

To the devs: please keep working on this so we can get back to the 2.3.2 performance level where all memory used was being freed up/released after each image was processed.



Can now get DNGs as output to LrC with using plug-in extras. I can now stay at 3.0.2!


As above, DNG output is working again, thank you!

However, if sending an existing DNG file to Topaz via plug-in extras, the return output appears to be overwriting the original file, not saving as a new file for import into LrC. Presumably that isn’t the intention?


Do you know when the selection brush will be fixed?


Still doesn’t work for Capture One. Still exporting as a TIFF. So frustrating that this is the third attempt at v3 and it is still broken.


Thanks for the heads up David on the links. We have updated it.

Wow that explains your response time - we were shocked at how fast you showed up! :slight_smile: We appreciate you!

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Hey David, there is indeed still work to be done - but you should no longer see performance degradations on high batch sizes and the issue should be vastly improved across the board. Getting there.



We are very glad to hear that golder! :slight_smile:

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Hey michael - what specific issue are you referencing?

Do let me know because we are indeed working on related items.

Hey penny - I’m sorry but yes this update doesn’t address Capture One, unfortunately.

The select brush used to refine the subject for sharpening has been slow to the point of being useless since version 2.4.x (I noticed it in 2.4.2 but I didn’t check all versions). I’ve gone back to version 2.3.2 where it was working. This problem has been reported elsewhere in the forum.


not working with nikon Z8 raw files

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Ah then to answer your question I will just say “yes”! It is on our radar, please stay tuned.

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Hey miguel, there are some known color shifting issues with the Nikon Z8. Are you referring to those or something else related to the updates mentioned in 3.0.2?

All the best

Hey robert - absolutely, the team worked very hard on this and I am glad it is working better for you.

We’ll take a close look at the issue you mentioned.



Bug: when I minimize then restore the application window, instead of going back to the previous window state (maximized) it goes to some weird 2/3 sizing:

Before minimize:

After restoring from minimize:



yes, about color shifting issues with the Nikon Z8


When can this issue be fixed? It is normally just a couple lines of code to fix camera matrix. Why does it take so long?