Topaz Photo AI v2.1.4


This week we’ve added a few quality of life improvements around the app. Background and Sky are now available as quick select options for masking. Additionally, a bounding box will now appear while masking with the Remove Tool to provide a visual indicator for the input to the model.

As always, a full change log is below.

Please give us any feedback or report issues with this release. We’ll be updating TPAI regularly to address those pieces of feedback and issue reports. If there’s a specific image you’d like us to see, you can send it us at this dropbox link.

Released December 7th, 2023
Mac: Download
Windows: Download

Changes since 2.1.3:

  • Fixed HEIF/HEIC images not working
  • Fixed Photoshop Action getting stuck on export
  • Added Background and Sky mask options
  • Added bounding box for Remove Tool masks
  • Added Close All Images option to menus
  • Added ‘h’ key for panning

Known Issues:

  • The bounding box around the mask when upscaling and/or cropping and then removing via the PS Automate plugin may be incorrect

Tried twice to install. Turned off AVI. 1st of all windows (Win10) flags it as “unknown publisher” (said OK to install) and then installer claims corrupted “cab” files and cannot complete installation.

same here

OK - I feel better now that its not my system



Updated with no issues here. (Win 11)

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My Window 10 machine also failed the install. First the unknown publisher warning appeared and then the corrupted cab error followed.

Where are we going with a selected “sky” and “Background” ???

So I can select those elements… why? in this product??? When would I want to “sharpen” or “denoise” a background or sky without doing the same to the subject???


Hi, could those affected by the Windows installation try redownloading now?
@golder-50350 @cleuton.4k @DBrundage @john.campbell-8113

What do mean “try again”? Try re-installing it? I tried twice. Tried to download again - your sever is now real slow.

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Sorry just updated it to say redownload instead :slight_smile:

Ok - your sever is real slow now?

This one works. Thank you!

Jkaethee, Whatever changed on your end fixed the install problem. Thanks.

fixed now - thanks

First try (below), Intel Mac (Ventura).

Fresh install after manually deleting the previous version, no issue at all (quick model downloads as well).

Also installed the same way and launched with no issues at all on M1 MacBook Pro, Sonoma 14.2 RC2.

ok now

Mac Mini M1, Sonoma 14.2, 16GB
In-app installation smooth and fast.
I don’t see the point of the Sky mask at this point. Who would ever want to sharpen a sky? Denoise maybe.
Besides, the sky selection is pretty poor. An example here, showing that a lot of refining would be needed (and it wouldn’t be able to cope with the struts in the tower at all):

In comparison, masking the sky in On1 PR 2024 was a simple click and pretty well perfect:


Forget Remove, there’s an “upgrade your ride” option! :wink:

Screenshot 2023-12-07 at 6.48.25 PM


The fact that object removal can be used to replace with something better has been brilliant for some workflows.

For example, dodgy crooked eyes in Stable Diffusion generated images can be replaced with better more realistic ones.

Trick is, controlling when you want to literally remove and replace with the background/surroundings vs replace with another version of the same thing which is repaired, deglitched or better.

Ideally, both functions should be on the table, as repairing is just as important and useful as removing.

One problem: when replacing small objects, quite often there are failed attempts which insert a couple of letters of text or a iconized cat’s head or similar completely out of nowhere (not remotely obtainable from the context of the image). Tends to happen when the replacement area is a single small spot.

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