Topaz Photo AI v2.1.2

Thanks for the reply! Good to know.

My Color Balance doesn’t turn on unless I turn it on. But I have all auto settings turned off in prefs. I was just wondering what might trigger color changes or color balance being applied.

In Richard’s snip above, the switch is turned on and opacity is very high. I’m on a Win11 system. Knock on wood, my colors in recent releases are holding from the original images.

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Retrial “Basic Adjustments”. Not a fan of Lightroom Classic, would like to see Photo AI become the next LC.

Topaz V2.1.2 crashed more than a few times when I tried to save single or selected images. I never had a successful save on selection. It hung up at “processing” and never finished which I ended up “pause” processing and did a “close window”. if I selected all then save all, it came through. But, there is a but, the select all hung up too today when I tried to save 27 imaged. I will end up lose all of the edits and start over again. Bump! Can you take a look?

When will the tiling issue be finally fixed?


I have the same issue here (Windows). Please take a look at this issue Topaz team.

Hi, Have you tried Standard option?

Great, seems that tiling issue is gone in Standard, Graphics, Low Resolution!
Thank you.

High Fidelity still needs a treatment for the tiling

Sharpening: Its acceptable for all sharpening modes

Nose reduction:
Normal - very faint tiling
Strong - faint tiling still visible, larger size tiles
Extreme - very faint tiling

Not feeling the love. With this release, to me Photo AI has finally caught up with DeNoise, Sharpen and Giga. Stare-and-compare outputs from all, no difference. But I really bought for the 3 Betas. Had hopes for ‘Adjusting Lighting’, but it’s nothing more than an ‘Exposure’ slider. Does some good things, but NO MASKING. Had hopes for ‘Balance Color’. Nothing but a ‘Saturation’ slider, on a good day. And, NO MASKING. Good news: ‘Remove’ is brilliant, but you can go and have dinner, come back, and it’s still running. Looking for some future releases! Meanwhile, back to my Luminar NEO.

Why not use it on a layer?

You should report it. Doubt Topaz staff will see it here.

A story is basically the same if you can choose it freely.

If layers were used, the required memory, ram and vram would become even more.

If you mean layers in Ps then it is already too late because TPAI is already closed as a plugin and for a new generation I have to open it again.

Luminar does compute the GenRemove on a booked server of Skylum, not on your machine, if skylum runs out of money or has other problems or you internet is cut it wont run at all.

With a 5 Year old GPU (2080S) it takes 7 seconds after the model is loaded, an the Dev said he’s working on the performance.

What would you like it to be able to do?

Thank you for this confirmation.


Ram and vRam should not be a problem on your computer.

I work on layers with everything. You can just use PAI as a plugin filter. Then you just flick them on and off as you choose. Delete the ones you don’t want.

Not with mine, with others.

I also have a layer-based workflow.

And you don’t read what I write.

I tied this for a bit now and I can’t get it to finish the job at all.

It is Friday and there was no Thursday update. How many times has that happened?

This week last year?

(I have no idea - just guessing. My first thought was that Thanksgiving is rather big on that side of the pond so maybe it’s delayed :innocent: )

Thanksgiving? Oh, we don’t have it in my country.

Yeah, España tampoco… (neither do Spain)