Topaz Photo AI v1.5.4


This week’s release has some improvements to the autopilot preferences, some fixes for the Photoshop plugin, and various other tweaks. As always, the full changelog is below.

Please give us any feedback or report issues with this release. We’ll be updating TPAI regularly to address those pieces of feedback and issue reports. If there’s a specific image you’d like us to see, you can send it us at this dropbox link.

Released August 31st, 2023
Mac: Download
Windows: Download

Changes since 1.5.3:

  • Added resolution controls to autopilot preferences
    –Under Upscale > Set Output Size (Width, Height, Longest/Shortest Edge) for IN/CM
  • Added new options for auto upscaling by the shortest or longest edge
  • Right panel remembers scroll position and uncollapsed filters after running autopilot
  • Clicking “Edit Subject” button in Sharpen enhancement will toggle on “Subject Only”
  • Improved performance of welcome screen by caching recent files’ thumbnails
  • Fixed some Sony images having incorrect orientation
  • Fixed PS plugin not working on Mac if installing to a different drive
  • Fixed PS plugin not enabling Enhance at 1x when specified in the preferences
  • Fixed some text fields not showing red box when input is invalid
  • Fixed some UI bugs with face selection
  • Fixed resolution appearing as infinity if the file’s resolution is 0
  • Improve error message for authentication edge case
  • Tweaked status bar UI/X
  • Updated lensfun

I just want to mention that the files to download are now blown up to a whopping number of 93. It would be great to get those compressed and fitted into a single file at some point. :slight_smile:

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Installed to Win 11 Pro desktop PC. Processor = AMD RX6800 XT. Standalone vers.

Opened image from the set of recent 6 in splash page.

Wht Nav Box still hops to top of viewing pane (upper right of UI) after initiating Text Preserve in Split View. Doesn’t remain where placed to ID text to preserve.

Ditto moves to Upper Left of viewing pane with Ps 2023 Plugin:

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“Added resolution controls to autopilot preferences” - don’t see this

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The blurry patches appear again. They disappear when I turn off the denoise option.

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Hi - we just edited the changelog to clarify where the controls are. It’s added for IN/CM in Upscale > Set Output Size for Width, Height, Longest Edge, and Shortest Edge.


Just installed latest update. When loading images I find they are rotated 90 degrees counter clockwise.

Yes, I see this too. It only affects the preview. The thumbnails at bottom and on the right show correctly. They also show correctly in the image viewer, both original and processed images. If you load an image already processed by PAI then the orientation is shown correctly in preview. I am using Win10x64 on Intel Xeon with Nvidia P2000 graphics.

Photo Ai needs the ability to copy and paste adjustments to SELECTED images, rather than only having the option to apply to ALL. This is a common feature to all photo editor software and is very useful.


Can you send us one or two of those images? Thank you!

If you can also send us one or two of your images, that’d be very helpful. Thanks!

Totally agree, and the subject has kind of been “touched” in previous threads. I also remember @fotomaker asking for it in a separate thread.

I know this PAI is a lot about getting a good autopilot running, but I would even go as far as asking for a way of saving your own “presets” for adjustments you do frequently when you disagree with how the autopilot handles a certain type of photos…


Looking at the texture of that road, I can understand it being mistaken for noise.
Cases like this could benefit from a masking option to exclude areas.


Me too but only on raw files fro my Panasonic TZ200 where the original is in landscape orientation. Raw files from the same camera in portrait orientation as well as jpegs, tiff files & even raw files from my Canon M50 are shown correctly. Yazi, I have uploaded an image in each orientation & screenshots to your dropbox folder.

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This release is crashing to desktop when attempting to detect faces on some images. Have uploaded log and image in one zip named to @yazi.saradest dropbox.

Was clean installed on W11.

Hi David - thanks for sending the log. Could you check if you have enough available disk space on your computer?

Yep, plenty of GBs on all drives.


I disabled face detection and that stopped the crashing so it’s definitely related to the face detection routine.

Will also note that this was crashing during face detection, not exporting. Did not get a chance to export since it just kept crashing.

  I would like to suggest a slightly more sophisticated version of this.

  I am glad to now be able to specific a minimum size for the longest edge, rather than having to treat images differently to get this result, depending on whether they are of portrait or landscape orientation.

  But I would also like to be able to separately specific a minimum size for the shortest edge, as well.

 For example, suppose I specify a longest edge of 5000 pixels, and a shortest edge of 3000.

  If the aspect ratio of the input image is such that upscaling it so that the longest edge is 5000 makes the shortest edge at least 3000 or more, then that is what I would want. But if the aspect ratio is such that upscaling it so that the longest edge is 5000, makes the shortest edge 2000, then I would want it to be upscaled even more, to make that shorter edge 3000.