Topaz Photo AI v1.5.2


This week’s update contains improved handling for RAW files. It also has some performance improvements and an updated right panel when selecting faces.

For the RAW pipeline change, here are some examples. This mainly affects RAW images that have non-horizontal orientation. Aliasing and artifacts are reduced or fixed in version 1.5.2 compared to 1.5.1 and earlier.

As always, the full changelog is below.

Please give us any feedback or report issues with this release. We’ll be updating TPAI regularly to address those pieces of feedback and issue reports. If there’s a specific image you’d like us to see, you can send it us at this dropbox link.

Released August 17th, 2023
Mac: Download
Windows: Download

Changes since 1.5.1:

  • Updated the RAW photo pipeline to fix aliasing and color fringing
  • Fixed crashes and poor performance on NVIDIA A-series GPUs
  • Updated design for the face selection panel
  • Fixed “Subject Only” toggle sometimes being un-toggleable when there is a subject selected
  • Auto upscaling preferences can now be based on inches or centimeters
  • Update lensfun

Thanks Anthony, et. al.


Amazing results! :slightly_smiling_face:


did not fix * Fixed crashes and poor performance on NVIDIA A-series GPUs sent log

Uh-oh, this patchy issue is still present… back from Gigapixel


Playing with the new release, using Canon RAW images (because improved RAW handling was specifically mentioned for this release). Edit: Face shot and guitar shot were originally CR2 but I had converted them to JPEG at some point.

In the screenshots you can see my various settings as I try to recover detail from soft images, perform 2X and 4x upscaling and face recovery.

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Topaz Photo AI produces makes the images warmer when use DNG as input and NR is activated.

DNG-Autosettings - NR on

DNG- with NR off

TIFF-Autosettings - NR on

Both images were processed with DxO Pure Raw 3 and save with DNG and 16-bit TIFF

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Some amazing results with this .cr3 file:

With these (autopilot) settings:


Nice, reminds me of my CR2 sunset shots. All better!


In v1.5.2 there is something wrong with the subject only Sharpen. In the first picture you can see that the people are the subjects. In the second you see that the bushes are also sharpened.

I determined that this partial sharpening of the background happens when using the upscale Graphics or Low Resolution models. It is not caused by the sharpen function.


Both of these issues are related to Minor Deblur in the Upscaling filter. To avoid the issue, I would recommend decreasing the Minor Deblur to a low number for improving the output quality.


Thanks for the update,
issue FIXED in v1.5.2 with 1.5 and 1.5.1 : handling of Nikon HE* files and error when Topaz writing the Metadata to the DNG file. Topaz was writing the changes to the Proess Version incorrectly.
Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:


Oddly enough I found the Minor deblur setting to not fix anything, it was mostly the “Fix Compression” slider, the less I use the less patchy blocks but then the whole image is not clean


I noticed a minor but frustating bug. The resolution is in the gui is not the resolution when saved.

To reproduce :

  1. Set in preferences an autopilot upscale resolution.
  2. Manually change the settings (including resolution)
  3. Select : Reset to Autopilot settings.
  4. In the GUI the resolution is not reset to autopilot. But when saving, the file is in the autopilot resolution.

PS: It would be nice to have the ability the reset to the autopilot settings per parameter.

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This is true for Standard and High Fidelity upscaling but not for the two that I mentioned (Graphics and Low Resolution).

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The filename also should include the upscale MODEL (hi, standard, low…).

Cool. Results are great.

and the settings.

I have an issue with 1.5.2 with a Raw file which is cropped in Lightroom, then exported as a DNG.

PhotoRefine seemed to be working correctly, until its last pass of sharpen, then the preview jumped to a different part of the screen, immediately upon grabbing it(not moving it) the image showed what it had before.

When I Save the modified file, the crop is in a totally different location. The Ligthroom-DNG crop had the bird in the left side of the image looking towards the open sky, but the PhotoAI crop has most of the tree to the left of the bird.
Sorry, the DNG was saved with a small jpg preview.

I’m a first-time user and professional photographer. I need to avoid images getting the wax works look or halo artefacts due to over-sharpening. I only applied de-noise in Photo AI and I find that even at a setting of 1 it is too strong and gives a wax works look to the subject. I would expect that at setting one we could have the flexibility to sneak in a little of the original noise.

I’m using the model RAW normal and after experimenting in Denoise standalone I noticed the same problem when the Raw ai model was selected. It seems that Photo Ai doesn’t let you select a different model (only Raw Normal and RAW strong) if you are working with RAW files (CR3 from an R5 in my case).