Topaz Photo AI v1.4.0


We’re excited to release the next version of Photo AI. This version includes a new text recovery model which can improve results of text in images, a re-design of the right panel controls, and long awaited support for Z9 High Efficiency compressed files. For details about various larger features, please visit the Roadmap post (also linked above).

As always the full change log can be found below.

Please give us any feedback or report issues with this release. We’ll be updating TPAI regularly to address those pieces of feedback and issue reports. If there’s a specific image you’d like us to see, you can send it us at this dropbox link.

Released July 6th, 2023
Mac: Download
Windows: Download

Note for MacOS users: The new minimum supported OS version is now 11.0 (Big Sur).

Changes since 1.3.12:

  • Auth system internals changed to allow Alpha, Beta, and Release builds to use the same seat
    • You may need to login again and claim seats from pre-1.4.0 versions
  • Added preserve text enhancement
  • Re-designed right panel
  • Re-designed welcome screen
  • Added support for Nikon’s High Efficiency compression
    • Nikon Z9 High Efficiency compression support
    • Fixes Z8 files that open incorrectly (Z8 files that use HE compression)
  • When resizing the image, you may now specify pixels per inch or centimeter and how long each edge should be
    • Access these options by clicking the “px” in the width or height text field. This setting will persist after closing the app.
    • If inches or centimeters is selected, the resolution and resolution unit will be read from the image and written on export
  • Optimized autopilot performance when re-running due to switching images or toggling upscale
  • Changed font from Roboto to Inter, and updated various icons
  • Right click and three dot menus should now automatically disappear if you move away from them
  • Fixed Adobe Lightroom Classic Plug-In text being too big for the save button
  • Fixed error when using LrC plug-in with LrC versions below 6 (noting that LrC 3.0 is still the minimum LrC version supported)
  • Fixed face recovery sometimes changing the tone of the face
  • Fixed CLI not allowing you to specify bit depth
  • Fixed status bar sometimes indicating the wrong status when inside an edit mode
  • Potential fix for toggles not updating for some users
  • Updated lensfun

Known issues:

  • If you have a width/height set via Autopilot, the upscaling enhancement label might push the toggle out of bounds.
  • The “CM” option in the resolution unit dropdown may show as “…” on Mac due to text sizes.
  • Autopilot recommending upscaling when using as a Photoshop plugin can cause saving to not work
    • If you run into this, either turn auto-upscaling off in Autopilot settings or disable Upscaling before saving.

The preserve text feature is very nice. Any chance to have this in VideoAI as well in the nearer future?


Unfortunately, I ran into a bug immediately. Batched 5 files to produce .tif files from Nikon z6ii .NEF raw files. One of the output files duplicated a different file - not the input file!

I’m running on Mac OS Ventura 13.4.1.

The input files in question are attached. For output, the 1610 tif file was actually a duplicate of the 1547 file. Apparently, .tif files are not supported for upload, so I could not attach those here.

Instead, I’m adding the output files as screen captures…

220302_1547.NEF (21.8 MB)
220302_1610.NEF (24.1 MB)

Has the number of seats changed? Before this release it was 2. After installing this one though it tells me I have 2 active seats and I must log out of one of them. So, is it only 1 active seat now? :frowning: The 2 it shows that are currently active are correct, but it says I must reclaim 1 in order to run it.

Update: I claimed the seat on this computer and it seems to be working. I have not checked the other computer to see if it still works. The whole thing was weird and very confusing.

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Thanks for the information. I’ve seen this rarely so it’s not new to 1.4.0, but I’m unable to reproduce it myself. Is this something you can reproduce consistently or was it just the one time?

Claiming the seat is correct. I tried to emphasize that you will need to re-login but I don’t think I mentioned seats directly.

Basically the old system used a different way to mark your seat that made it different between alpha, beta, and release version. This new way of assigning seats let’s you use all 3 on the same seat, but the actual identifier is different so it counts it as it’s own seat. It should just be a one time inconvenience. Hope this makes sense!


I will see if I can reproduce it. It’s the first time I’ve seen this, so I didn’t realize it wasn’t new :slight_smile:

Original image:

Result of Autopilot:

Just imported a Nikon Z8 HE* RAW file into PhotoAI and edited it for noise and shapening.
I must say I’m very pleased with the result.
it’s possibly the best result I’ve had from PhotoAI and finally is comparative to Denoise and Sharpen.
I’ve been transferring Z9 HE* RAW files via LRC as Tiff files 'til now, the ability to edit Nikon HE* RAW files in PhotoAI is very welcome.


Crashes every time I preserve some text then try and pan/zoom. Have tried multiple images, same result.

Seems to initially process everything ok, but when panning/zooming, and things are re-processed, hard crash.

Will upload log.

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@adam.mains @yazi.saradest
I Uploaded Fire Works,Cat Photos Check 3296 Wiskers

Here is what Host Sees.
You also have Photos of the Black and white Cat :slight_smile:

Thanks for 1.4.0. I am not really happy with it so far. First why reactivate by deactivating – and this with a very strange method “claim seat” which sounds like purchasing one more… :frowning:

Then de Removing noise may have profited from the 3 different methods. The Normal one however has a serious bug that it has like shadow masking effects: less denoise in the neighbourhood of a pole. If further away, denoising is ok. This is better when using Strong. But then it is too strong. I will go back to 1.3.x for now.

Seems to be something wrong with the RAW models, this is processed:


This is what it should look like (not Photo AI):

Not good, with color change and smeared detail. Shows the difference better on the split screen … I hate to say it but the Noise Reduction is getting worse and worse especially on RAW:

I’ve had a similar issue with duplicate output files while batch processing in previous versions when I deleted (already finished) files in the target directory at the same time the batch was still running. But it was not reproducable.

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Thank you for the enhancements and fixes. It is great seeing active development for a product on anual charges. I hope seeing regular ehancements and fixes on other products as well. Similar to another customer I did have technical issues after the installation activating the product. I still saw claimed licenses for products I do not own anymore for a while although the license was already claimed before that maschine was wiped.

What I noticed already since the first time I used this AI tool is that the quality improvements appears to be focusing on particular area of a picture and do not seem to include all areas when comparing with other products ehancing picture quality. Some areas of pictures show little to no improvements in particular if I am trying to enhance older pictures. Even if disable face recognition or use settings to gain improved quality. Also faces appear to show some similarities meaning they almost look the same group fotos in particular if the quality of the picture blured.

I also noticed data sharing cannot be disabled anymore apparently. I guess that means all that is happening in the tool is no longer privat. Also I consider integration of more web api into an app such as help instructions and others making the app more vulnerable as well as reducing privcacy further. Given the extensive data collaction partners on your web page , I assume this is part of your strategic direction. I understand the purpose and benefits for you and most people probalbly don’t care about these topics anymore these days, it will influence my decision when the time of renewal is approching.

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Looks like it didn’t become v1.3.13, I suspected as much.
Superstition is still too widespread. :wink:

@christian.ronchi Where was that option in the past in previous versions of Photo AI? (I couldn’t find it in preferences general or autopilot)?

I did as you with a Z8 HE* raw.
Excellent result, however, then I saved the result as a DNG to continue editing in Capture One, but the dng-file is not working inside Capture one if the original file is HE* Raw.

Did you save as dng and continue to work on that file?

Yes I did and I had no issues working on the DNG file in LRC

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The Preserve Text filter is a very nice addition and is already working quite well! Thanks!

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