Topaz Photo AI v1.3.4 - Crashes When Laptop Dedicated GPU Disabled

I’ve been using Photo AI on my laptop since the original public release and just recently I noticed that the application is now crashing when I try to run it without my laptop dedicated GPU.

My laptop has switchable graphics between an integrated AMD and a dedicated Nvidia GPU. When I’m running on battery, the Nvidia GPU is automatically disabled to save battery and I’m left using the integrated graphics.

This wasn’t an issue with the original releases of Photo AI, as I could use the CPU or integrated graphics for processing, but now it simply crashes if the dedicated GPU is not enabled. I have even tried setting the application preference to use CPU only but, it still crashes. It’s almost as if the application is checking which processors are available and crashing when one of the previously used ones is missing/no longer available.

I’ve uploaded my system profile and Photo AI logs for the day.

Although this is a bug report for Photo AI, this same bug also now occurs with Video AI as well.

Topaz Photo AI [v1.3.4] on [Windows]
DxDiag.txt (115.2 KB)
Topaz Photo AI (10.2 KB)

@Ninjatogo, thanks for sharing.

Your assumption is somewhat correct.

The program selects from various model files to process any given image, which dictates CPU and GPU usage. If it selects a GPU-dependent setting, for example, but the GPU is not up-to-date or unavailable, the app may crash.

For now, I would keep the dedicated GPU enabled when using Photo AI. It’s a relatively resource-intensive program but we’re continuously working on ways to prevent crashing.


Thanks for the reply Tim.

Do you envision this being an issue that is resolved in the near future?

While I agree that the application is heavy and mostly only useful on the dedicated GPU, there were some cases where I wanted to preview or work with a small image and didn’t mind using the CPU.

@Ninjatogo We’re continuously improving our models to be more efficient and also produce the best image results.

With that said, I don’t have an exact date or timeline for when this will be fixed for any given computer model.

The best thing to do is to keep the GPU drivers up to date. The auto setting should select the best processor so if you’re only editing small images, it should be fine.

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