Topaz Photo AI v1.3.0


This week we are happy to release the new Strong Sharpen model! This model combines the motion and lens blur models into a new generalized model which should have less artifacts and greater slider sensitivity. We’ve also made several tweaks to how Autopilot determines values for enhancements and which enhancements it turns on which should help with overall automated image quality.

Outside of models and Autopilot, we’ve added the ability to generate thumbnails for all types of files which were previously unsupported. If you have any files still not showing thumbnails please let us know!

We have a lot more planned for Photo AI 1.3 including Enhance model improvements, better preview caching, and other AI engine improvements so stay tuned for future updates!

As always the full change log is below!

Please give us any feedback or report issues with this release. We’ll be updating TPAI regularly to address those pieces of feedback and issue reports. If there’s a specific image you’d like us to see, you can send it us at this dropbox link.

We’ve recently added the ability to post RAW files under 65MB in the forum. If you are okay with your image being posted in this thread publicly you are free to do so. You are also free to go through our dropbox if you do not want to post publicly.

Finally, we’re very happy to announce the launch of a new Docs page for Topaz Photo AI.

These pages are just the beginning for making Topaz Photo AI an easy and engaging experience users. We welcome any feedback and suggestions on how to improve this new section of our webpage, and we will be keeping our users and beta testers involved in future updates.

Released April 13, 2023
Mac: Download
Windows: Download

Changes since 1.2.10:

  • Updated Motion & Lens blur models to new generalized Strong Sharpen model with less artifacts and greater slider sensitivity
  • Thumbnails for all file types should now be displayed
  • Updated ExifTool from 12.56 to 12.60 (ExifTool version history)
  • Fixed not recommending Sharpen when blur was low, but preferences included low
  • Sharpen now has minimum recommended slider values when enabled when Autopilot is on
  • Autopilot will now enable Remove Noise and/or Sharpen when noise or blur is high even if Upscaling is on
  • Fixed thumbnail tooltip showing values below their normal range
  • Fixed exporting not working after a certain large amount of images
  • Fixed various file size estimate issues
  • Fixed hiding the file list making the app think it was not in batch mode
  • Fixed issues with some text having poor margins
  • Added ability to double click slider to reset to Autopilot value
  • Added menu items for My Products under Account

Known issues:

  • Export dialog may sometimes have blank spaces.
    – This should not affect the overall export flow and all files should still save.
  • HDR or Monochrome DNGs which previously did not open may have issues when saving as a DNG
    – To get around this you can save as JPEG, PNG, or TIFF which shouldn’t have the same color issues

Need a slider for the red-filter applied when enhancing faces. Sometimes the additional red is unwanted. Especially for underwater photos, making the faces purple.

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Topaz Photo AI 1.3.0 no Plug-in for Photoshop 2023 beta

Continuing the discussion from Topaz Photo AI v1.3.0:

Topaz Photo AI 1.3.0 no Plug-in for Photoshop 2023 beta

I use the Sony A1 (raw) and even with a large aperture, I still have squares in the image. You have to look closely, but they are definitely there. When I make a large crop in Photoshop, this doesn’t happen. Could you take a look at this?

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This Version is a big disappointment for me!
The combined Lensblur/Motionblur sharpening does not work at least for me.
Motion blured photos are still unusable blured after processing. (on both, Standart Strong sharpen, even with highest slider setting)
That was the most importent option for me, to manualy can choose between Standard-, lens blur and motion blur sharpening, so i can save some bad images.
Hope the manual selection-option will be restored.
In the moment sadly i can only go on with the 1.2.10 version.
Instead of giving us more control/options, we were given fewer contol.
Thats no good direction in my opinion.


I just get a black window on my Mac, nothing inside. Opening settings, etc, shows nothing.

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Initial thoughts as I’m testing… this is the WORST update in the history of mankind. You took away Lens Blur and Motion Blur. Why???

The “new” Sharpen model does NOT fix lens blur and Motion Blur! Images coming soon.

Also, as a beta tester… I asked why the Lens Blur and Motion Blur were removed (in the beta version). I didn’t get a reply. This colossal mistake could have been avoided if Topaz had communicated with testers.

As an avid user, I’m disappointed and will be rolling back to an older version.

As an affiliate, I can’t recommend this version.


I agree with Goetze_u and 4parker Parker. I’m not totally convinced either. Have just downloaded it after having completed a very good session with V.1.2.10 processing 91 photos, some quite recent but most between 40 and 50 years old, transparencies, B&W, C41 prints and even some Polaroid instant prints were all great results with v.1.2.10.
After this session I had really fallen in love with the program but now not so much!
I repeated some of these same photos with v.1.3.0 and they are just not of the same standard!
Please give us the choice and put the manual selection back, along with the combined lens/motion blur would suit most but please don’t remove the choice.
Automatic is good but I still like to steer my car!!!
I do not think that the “one size fits all” criteria is a good way to go in this instance.
I have 8 Topaz products but this one, as it stands, will be collecting dust until revised and I have another batch of around 100 photos which are now going to take twice as long to edit!!!
Can I still get a download of v.1.2.10 ?

Managed to get V.1.2.10 - all good now.


I think you can still get 1.2.10 download on top of the appropriate release-note page.


You took away two sharpening tools that separated your product from the rest of the market! Doesn’t make sense.

Topaz… you’ve ruined a good thing. Actually, you destroyed your marketing position.

With a student and social media following of 300K, I now have to explain why I don’t recommend Topaz 1.3.0. I suspect my affiliate sales will take a hit.

Also, you need to update your website with NEW images and content. As it is now, it’s all a lie. Your site still mentions fixing “camera shake,” “motion blur,” and “misfocus.” As of 1.3.0. you can no longer get the results your website claims.

The results speak for themselves (all settings with Autopilot defaults - no amount of slider adjustments produced better results vs. 1.2.3)…

I “misfocused” and the eye is blurry. This is why I chose Topaz above anything else… since it fixed the issue (in 1.2.3)!

1.3.0 doesn’t fix it! Now, I either have to unpublished video tutorials and/or create several new tutorials explaining why no one should upgrade.

RAW to DNG workflow hasn’t worked properly since v1.2.3. The colors are over-saturated and it’s over-sharpened. It’s amazing to me that Topaz has a pop-up window (when working with TIFF/JPG) explaining that the RAW format produces the highest quality when it’s not true.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. If it is broken, then fix it (the RAW workflow needs to be fixed).


Many thanks. I have found and downloaded v.1.2.10 and have saved the file for future use should I need it!
I have just done re tests on the couple of pics I tried on v.1.3.0 and the earlier version is superior in my opinion.
This is like having an old friend back!
There’s time to change when necessary but not for the sake of change.
To quote yourself, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. If it is broken, then fix it!”
Never a truer word.
Thanks again.
PS I’ve downloaded v.1.2.3 also, based on your other comments.
Regards from the UK.


Quite frankly, if I had had to pay for TPAI I would be asking for my money back. Sharpen AI still does a much better job, even though it hasn’t been upgraded for ages.


That is what I say:
The last Time always new Bugs where introduced!

And new functions are unpolished! Instead of listening a bit more to the beta testers or finalizing a new feature properly first, an update is rushed out as fast as it can, even if it’s not even close to being used productively!


After more testing, I realized something, when you combine multiple editing tools into one and try to get the same result as before, it’s impossible.


Because that “new” editing tool is “generalized” (as Topaz has described it), you end up with mediocre results.

In older versions, the Lens Blur and Motion Blur were SPECIALIZED, individual models, which resulted in superior results.

Here’s another image example where 1.3.0 produces mediocre results. But 1.2.3 produces superior results since the Motion Blur was designed for just that… Motion Blur!

Also, the reason why I’m using 1.2.3 vs. 1.2.10 is that it’s the last version where the RAW to DNG workflow works for most images.


Just got v1.3.0, seems to have greatly improved performance for graphic items (i.e., numbers, text, logos) on aircraft. I was not to sure about PhotoAI on first release, however its improved with every update - headed toward incredible! Great work!

This Version is also a big disappointment for me!
I miss the Lensblur/Motionblur sharpening too.
How can I go back to the previous version V.1.2.10?


I agree with all the others. From a motion blur standpoint 1.3.0 is a downgrade from what we had in 1.2.10.

Fix it.