Topaz Photo AI v1.1.8

Hi - can you please send me one or two original images with their processed DNGs that aren’t opening in PS or LrC? Please let me know once you’ve sent them through Dropbox… Thank you!

I have updated to Photo Ai v1.1.8 and as I have always found the install on Win10 went without any issues. On wildlife subjects the autopilot settings produce a noticeable white halo around the subject at 100% typical of oversharpening artifact. Photos taken at ISO3200 RAW on Canon R5. Overall the noise reduction is good. If I change the Raw Remove Noise from the auto pilot setting of strong to normal the halo is much reduced. On the same photo if I change the autopilot setting of Lens Blur to standard the result is again much better. If I reduce the detail slider in the DeNoise section it gets better still. It appears that the autopilot has a consistent tendency to over do the sharpening creating unpleasant artifacts and it is more unhelpful than helpful.

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I am unclear about why Photo Ai offers cropping. Isn’t cropping more a function of LR Classic or PS? How is Photo Ai cropping different? Thanks. Larry

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Hi All,

I am pleased with the addition to create crops. It would be nice to add geometry as well. As I normally first realign my photo’s (in PS) and than crop to get the disered layout. The addition of geometry tools would be much appreciated.

Agreed, please give us the option to turn off ‘confirm on image close’. Way too much clicking involved to close an image!



PAI offers upscaling of images as one of its functions (sorta like Gigapixel AI). Some of us requested a Crop feature because we didn’t want to have that upscaling take longer, take up memory space and not put all its energy into optimizing only the desired portion (of too widely framed scenes) of our images.

I use Ps (not Lr). And, my workflow is to mostly use the PAI plugin. But not everyone has a host post processing software - who wants to upscale images for various applns - so they wanted the facility for a pre-upsize Crop.


Did you add this wished for feature to the parallel thread labeled “January 2023 PAI Product Roadmap”?

The CEO requested new feature proposals & feedback there.

The files are sent now

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Updated to 1.1.8 this morning, and it’s been crashing when I open a new image. Is there a way to re-install 1.1.7?

Look under the thread on 1.1.7 to find the download.

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I had 1.1.7 installed when I then installed 1.1.8. I wrote this above:

I just installed 1.1.8 on my M1 Mac Mini 16gb. I downloaded the install file from the link above. I already had 1.1.7 installed. My first photo I processed in 1.1.8 failed with an error at the bottom that said: Could not open model . First time to see that error from any version of Photo AI going back months.

Nice to see you guys working so hard to issue updates as they happen. On this latest one, on a number of photos that still have a little noise after the auto settings have taken place, I click reduce noise and instead of reducing it, the image gets sharpened and what I was trying to reduce is increased instead.
I don’t see a link here to attach a photo, and just pasting in a screenshot doesn’t work so not sure how to show you this. If you want to see it let me know how to show you.
Oh …now I see that uparrow link so attaching the image

Sorry, no i did not.

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No need to be sorry! Just thought your good idea might get add’l visibility re: being a new feature of interest if it’s posted there too!

I made a differrent post (Hopefullt now it the correct location) . Now hoping it will be picked up. Thnx for your help.

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Still getting blur with normal de noise. Its mainly a problem with darker areas of raw images. If I send a processed tiff where I’ve brought up the shadows it’s fine. To be useful with a lot of my raw images it really needs curves or a shadows slider so I can adjust the shadows before the de noise step.

Hi, after update v1.1.7 and v1.1.8, Tapaz Photo AI is unable to read Sony ARW files in losless M.

This is the thread for suggestions to the prod dev Roadmap for 1st Q 2023.

Good luck!

If you launch Photo AI as an extension from Lightroom, it processes the raw file as is before Lightroom has a chance to do anything with it. At that point, some cropping is good so that you’ll have less image to do noise reduction and sharpening on. The alternative is do some Lightroom processing first (like crop ) and then export as a tiff and re-import.

Please add compression level option when saving in PNG!

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