Topaz Photo AI v1.0.2

Hello everyone!

This week’s update adds a preferences panel for customizing autopilot that we really think y’all are going to love! You’ll have a lot more control than previously over what processing it does, and can outright disable types of evaluation that won’t apply to images you expect to be working with - for example, a wildlife photographer disabling face detection. We also added lens correction and a whole slew of bug fixes!

If you own DeNoise, Sharpen, and Gigapixel with up-to-date licenses then you already have access to Topaz Photo AI!

Please give us any feedback or report issues with this release. We’ll be updating TPAI regularly to address those pieces of feedback and issue reports. If there’s a specific image you’d like us to see, you can send it us at this dropbox link.

Released September 29, 2022
Mac: Download
Windows: Download

Changes since 1.0.1:

  • Added preferences panel for customizing Autopilot
    • Choose default subject detection model to use, or None
    • Disable automatic face detection
    • Choose what blur levels should suggest the Sharpen filter
    • Customize resolution/scaling targets for auto upscaling
  • Lens correction is now applied to input images
    • This feature can be disabled using a toggle in the “Preferences” menu
  • Replaced AVX2 check in the installer with just an AVX check
  • Added prompt when using LrC Plug-In on a list of images that don’t exist on the hard drive
  • Fixed model downloading issues within Mac installer
  • Fixed some Windows 11 computers not opening TPAI
  • Fixed auth failing on users with upgrade licenses that have expired (but should own 1.0.X)
  • Fixed issues with window appearing larger than the size of the monitor
  • Fixed LrC plugin not installing on Mac if the user renamed their HOME folder
  • Fixed prompt about enabling international language support on windows not appearing when invoked from a host editor
  • Fixed refine buttons being clickable while Autopilot is processing

We still have a lot more planned! Here’s the problem areas we’ve heard your feedback on and are actively working on improving:

  • Subject refinement is not precise enough
  • The Sharpen filter sometimes oversharpens on images with low amounts of blur

This release is definitely a step in the right direction! :+1:

Can we please also get settings added under ‘autopilot configuration’ to set what type of enhancement filter is applied when auto-upscaling is enabled ie. natural, graphics, low resolution or ‘auto’.

Also a setting for noise removal: normal, strong, none, or ‘auto’ is needed.



Sounds really good

Slight issue is, when prompted to download the updates in PhotoAI (using Win 10 btw), they do download and then I get the message that it is not a Windows installer file and the application crashes :frowning:

Any suggestions?

I’d suggest to uninstall from the control panel and do a full install instead of updating from within the application.


Earlier both the My Products page on the website and the Topaz Photo AI app were serving up .pkg files for Windows. I’ve noticed that the My Products page now properly serves up a .msi now though.

So for the mean time downloading from the site is probably the best way to upgrade, as the in-app update still doesn’t work for me on this end.

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Was hoping to avoid that :slight_smile:

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This should be fixed now. Please try updating again from within the app or by using the installer on the top of this page :slight_smile:


There’s a problem with Version 1.0.2. When you upscale there is a mirroe image.

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I meant mirror not mirroe,

Wow, seriously fast response

That did the trick

In my day to day job I look at days and weeks for fixes to software glitches!


Doing my part to increase the Mac downloads! Reporting back soon…

Wonderful experience with the new Auto Pilot override! Thanks for working on that.

Teeny tiny suggestion:

Options don’t entirely fit in the window, there is a small amount of scrolling to do.


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PAI 1.0.2. Win 11. Standalone. Processor = Auto (so don’t know if using AMD RX6800 XT or Intel i9 12th gen).

I really like the start of building Prefs options! I customized some of the settings. Will see how it works. I found that after I made my Prefs changes I saw less intense halos around the edges of the objects in my landscape photo (SF Bay Bridge - stitched pano - shot with P&S (Sony RX100 ii)).

Suggestion re: the Prefs panel (snip attached): I wasn’t sure if when I clicked the “X” if it would nuke my customizations … if others agree, could you pls. instead add a 2nd button (below ‘Use Default Settings’) that says something like “Apply Custom Settings” (or something that conveys that. When a user clicks on that it not only saves their custom settings, but also closes that popup Prefs box. It is nice to be able to get at that from both the top of the UI & adjacent to the Autopilot section of the settings panel at right.

ORIG image tested - stitched (merge in Ps) 3 image pano:

My 1st curr. rel. image experiment. Before changing the Prefs PAI was adding horrendously obvious halos around bridge edges and continues to do odd things to water texture (SF Bay) that looks like weird worms.

Curr. PAI rel. test with downsized version of image above (had been processed in Ps before resizing for ‘export to Web’) - so PAI working on a pre-processed image. Really distorted the image structures & water, added intense halos:

Result after changing the PAI AutoPilot Prefs in the popup box - to me, the water weirdness and edge halo-ing is now a bit less evident than the previous PAI runs with the same image (I left enable lens corrections set to on which was how the default came up):

Haven’t tried the Ps 2022 Plugin yet. Will try other images with both versions.

I like the addition of different Prefs. Options (as a design principle, even if tweaking may be needed with user feedback).

It’s great to get the feedback (in Changelog post) of what’s next in the development queue also. It’s definitely tracking to some of the most common feedback concerns that are posted!

Standalone ran fine with Sony ARW raw image test (same specs as immediately above). Subject selected was just the bird.

Guess the birds must get fed a lot. It let me get very close and was ‘posing’ w/out moving. This retained the bokeh of the ferry in the background too - as desired.

Clearly, this is just the pre-processing. I’d next take it into Ps to do the “creative” processing.

I’m seeing that the raw file noise reduction (set to 1) entirely wipes out shadow data and also crops in on the photo. (DNG output)

When the Photo AI shot is brightened, I start to see that Gigapixel boundary error grid issue.

Try TIFF output.

The Automatic Processor Selection still brings errors.
Only when you manually set to CPU it works and there is no error message

2022-09-30-08-39-21.tzlog (102.8 KB)
2022-09-30-08-49-0.tzlog (183.8 KB)

The refine option part of Subject Detected is still as good as useless.

Subject detection is a little hit and miss with real world images, in this case, refinement without a brush is extremely difficult:

Refining to select all of the boat gives this:

Whereas subject detection of people is more than satisfactory:


How do you refine the subject manually? The autopilot seems to sometimes select things that aren’t the subject (particularly when the photo is of birds in a vegetated area). I’d like to manually direct the program to the right subject, but can’t see how to?


PLEASE, PLEASE when will we get a brush mask? The program is unusable on half my images until we do.