Topaz Photo AI v1.0.10

I haven’t used any of the command line functions, but on the Mac you generally have to dig a bit deeper into the app package. This worked for the help info anyway.

/Applications/Topaz\ Photo\\ Photo\ AI --help

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I think it’s because the models have not been trained on pictures captured in video, so they do not perform well in optimizing these kind of pictures.

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Maybe Topaz is finished with the Thursday updates every week?

Maybe it will be late this week - who knows.

Well, it is Thanksgiving day in the States. I think we should give them a break :blush:.


Might be good idea to submit a batch to the Dropbox the Topaz team provides in the Changelog with your rqst re: using them for training the models. A nice cross section that rep your snips would probably be useful. :crossed_fingers:

I forgot that in America it is Thanksgiving holiday.

No worries :+1:


Yes, photoshop was shut down when the 1.0.10 update was installed and the mac restarted afterwards. I also removed the update and downloaded the v1.0.10 update from the topaz website and reinstalled. The reinstall didn’t fix the problem. Also the photoshop version was 24.0.1 not 23.

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Artifacts when using Autopilot settings, eliminated by switching Remove Noise off. Happens at 1x, 2x, & 4x upscale (didn’t try others).
First image is Autopilot. Artifacts are in grass to left of face. Second image is Remove Noise switched off. MacBook Air M2, Monterey.

Yes, I sent a request to post this issue right now by the Dropbox.Thanks so much.

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What I discovered through my system monitors was that the preview is using CPU exclusively, and the GPU only kicks in when you click on Save Image and everything speeds up significantly versus the preview.

To be fair, they have let us know that a future update will be focused on speeding up the preview process.

I’m seeing it the other way around, preview takes about 30 seconds. Save As is taking about 60-120 seconds an image, and both GPu-Z and resource monitor makes it appear as of the GPUbis hardly being utilized. The PhotoAI Gui is almost completely unresponsive after opening up a batch of images. And it seems to get slower every time I open it, last time it processed 20 images in 2 hours. 512x512, 2x, face recovery

What is the point of the masking. I find whether the mask is up or not the whole image is treated.
Running Photo AI as a stand alone.

Why does PAI compressing jpg fotos by around 60% in batch? I don’t want PAI to do it so please make it configurable.

Doesn’t work on my MacBook Pro M1 Ventura either! Also the plugin version does not work.

From which host program?

I believe that denoising is applied globally.

But with sharpening you can specify whether to sharpen subject only. If you create a mask, the image would only sharpen where the mask is if you say sharpen subject only.

My personal preference would be to enable selective denoising too.

Don’t forget Topaz is currently running a Black Friday special, good for new purchases as well as plan upgrades.

LR classic

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