Topaz Photo AI v1.0.1

Hi Anthony, thank you for the prompt reply!

I fully understand that you prioritize the features of PAI according to your goals. But I have to say (as your customer) that I don’t like such approach. Output image quality is a very basic thing. Moreover, it’s the most critical thing. If the result is poor, everything else just doesn’t matter. Unfortunately the parity between PhotoAI and SharpenAI from image quality perspective is not achieved yet.

About autopilot. 99.9% of my photos are landscapes and architecture shorts taken with full frame or medium format cameras. There is nothing to detect. You try to push me towards using AP, but I don’t need that function at all. That means I won’t use it, I won’t pay any attention on how it works, if it has any issues or not. AP always wastes my time regardless of the processing speed. Why not to give me (and may be the other customers with the similar preferences) an option to turn AP off completely?


I could imagine that many of the issues happen because Photo AI wants to do all more or less at the same time so things get confused. If Photo AI would apply upscale, sharpen and denoise one after another and preferrably in the users order like layers in Photoshop the result should be very similar to using Sharpen AI, Denoise AI and Gigapixel AI one after another and avoid confusing processing mistakes at the same time! :blush:

Drag & Drop is not working (W10)

I second this Russell. The selection refinement sliders in Photo AI are unusable.
The refinement brushes in Sharpen AI do a much better job. Please Topaz add these brushes to Photo AI.


The integration as plugin in Lightroom Classic is not working on my machine.
WIN10 pro, 32GB, MSI MPG X570 Edge Wifi, Nvidia GTX1060 6GB, SSD 970 EVO+, 860 EVO plus more SSD/HD
It’s not possible to use AI as a plugin in Lightroom. There always appears the screen for searching a file on disk…

@anthony.lawn I think you should fix this forum software… Don’t allow a user to access the Reply button unless they’ve read all the previous posts in a thread… :rofl:

Still Poor noise control…
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I don’t have AVX2 support on my cpu, how necessary is it for running v1.0.1 ? I am running v1.0 fine but the installer now checks for AVX2 so I can’t do any updates. ie Would v1.0.1 run without AVX2?, and if so could you take out the installer checks?


Hello everyone.

Since the new update it has become a drag to toggle Recover Faces on and off.
I used to do that a lot to decide on some picture if i wanted it and the amount but it is now locked to subject selection.

It is a lot less user friendly and make using Recover Faces a bit of a drag.

Is it possible to enable the toggle button again. We could always select the face manualy on the subject selection if we want.


In my experience, chaining models (except face recognition) either by using the separate apps or in Photo AI tends to give rather poor results, so I try to avoid doing so.

Honestly, I think Photo AI should have led with one or two new models rather than the current “jack of all trades, master of none” approach. For instance, a “Low Light Enhance” model that reduces noise and upscales at the same time. (The Low Resolution and Very Compressed models in Gigapixel AI are already in this direction since they perform a significant amount of noise reduction. However, what I mean is a model that can remove noise about as well as DeNoise AI but can upscale at the same time.) I prefer this approach over the current one for three reasons:

  1. A multi-task model inherently justifies a combined product like Photo AI.
  2. Photo AI now has a significant image quality advantage over the three existing apps in (for example) upscaling low-light photos. That’s a small niche, but I think it’s more important at this early stage of development for Photo AI to do a few things very well rather than many things good to mediocre. We already have the existing apps for the other tasks.
  3. In the beta period, Autopilot can be more useful—it could tell us whether or not the new model is a good fit for the selected image. It would work similarly to the existing Auto mode in Gigapixel AI but perhaps with some improvements. For example, Autopilot could take an image with a small amount of noise and upscale it by 4x, but it may suggest 2x for an image with more noise or even 1x for an extremely high level of noise. (This last option would be similar to DeNoise AI.)

100% agree. I don’t understand why Topaz has such a death grip on Autopilot. We aren’t saying get rid of it, just let us decide if we want it on or not!


My sentiments also - don’t see why it is such a problem for them to allow us this option.


Even better there could be an advanced menu with selective options for which parts of AP we can toggle on or off:

  • de-noising
  • sharpening
  • face detection
  • all

More control can only be a good thing!


Please add the option to disable auto pilot. Please, and thank you! Your beta testers (and customers) are asking for this option.


Yes, please!! You can hide it in a menu if you want, but it would be nice to have the option to turn in OFF.


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After the update I installed this morning, the sky in all my pictures turned out banded like this example (the prior version did not do this). I am using a Surface Pro 6.0 with an Intel i5-8250U CPU running an up to date version of Windows 10 and using the standalone version of the software.

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In regards to Auto Pilot, how about this approach (from another imaging app): A tabbed section for those who want quick fixes, and another section for those who wish to do manual editing – with 100% control!



Are you suggesting that the “Autopilot” only gets turned on if a user chooses the Autopilot tab?

And, the user is in a fully manual mode in the alternate tab? (With the ability to set a Preference to auto update or not in that manual mode). Plus, the software remembers (is ‘sticky’) which tab you used last and plunks you back into that tab on a next usage?

What settings would you expect to see under each of the tabs in that type of setup?

As it is now, A.P. sets a position on a slider bar/rail and we can change that position yet still see a green marker where A.P. thinks the setting should be. Would you expect there to be no settings visibility under the Autopilot tab and only under the manual mode tab (where someone would be manually making changes)?

Didn’t there used to be early Topaz products that had a “I’m feeling Lucky!” button. A.P. tab sorta sounds like that, to me…

The panel I showed above can even be the first thing the user sees upon loading the photo. Pick one! Column A or column B…

If the basic panel is chosen, Photo AI can run amok; if the advanced panel, the user has 100% manual control with no interference from the app.

The user can also choose whether to continue on from the auto area into the advanced area if desired.


“The windows installer now checks for AVX2 support before installing”

Why was this check added to the installer

All previous versions of Photo-Ai up the v0.10.1. ran fine on my system which supports AVX.

Why is it now a requirement to have AVX2 support???