Topaz Photo AI v1.0.0

It’s that time again! macOS Ventura beta 8 is out. Still getting glitches and ghosting with Enhance>Natural module (2020 M1 MBP).

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Thanks for heads up.
For those affected, unfortunately, update of those drivers does not help with the app shutdown issue related to color management / color profile.

I have the same issue. The folder is in my D drive. If I move it then the standalone doesn’t work, but the Photoshop plugin works. Is Topaz aware of this issue?

Hi - I think the combination of the DeNoise AI and the Sharpen AI Tool is an interesting thing. On the whole, the v1.0 is working – but very slow in terms of Autopilot. I am not sure whether Autopilot is needed all the time and I would like to being able to switch it off.
As for DeNoising and Sharpening, I would like the options, as in the individual tools for reducing/adjusting the effect in the different parameters.

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To be honest, my first experience is not very promising. The Result looks like a comic filter with lots of black speckles on areas near higher contrast. On the other hand, color gradients get flattened.

Today is Thursday…Are we going to see a new release today??? :smiley:

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Apologies if this has already been asked (long thread), but is there a way to turn all processing off except the upscaler?


Images exported as jpeg have a 1DPI resolution


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In a word, “No.”

it is ppi (pixels per inch) not dpi (dots per inch) :slight_smile: Pixel density - Wikipedia

Well, that is unfortunate. I hope Topaz adds the ability to just upscale without further processing. It can’t be hard to do for them.

Thanks for your reply!

A pixel is a dot, all other formats maintain the existing 72ppi only jpeg changes to 1.

pixels are not dots. pixels are used on monitors, dots are used by printing devices. :blush:

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Thanks for trolling

Hier eine ausführliche Erklärung der Unterschiede von Sony: Was ist der Unterschied zwischen Punkte pro Zoll/DPI und Pixel pro Zoll/PPI? | Sony DE

That’s not true either. While PPI and DPI are not the same thing, they are both only used for printing and have no effect on your monitor display.

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