Topaz Photo AI v1.0.0

Hello everyone!

Topaz Photo AI is officially out! This update includes some new icons and several bug fixes to ensure everything is working perfectly.

If you own DeNoise, Sharpen, and Gigapixel with up-to-date licenses then you have access to Topaz Photo AI!

Please give us any feedback or report issues with this release. We’ll be updating TPAI regularly to address those pieces of feedback and issue reports. If there’s a specific image you’d like us to see, you can send it us at this dropbox link.

Released September 22, 2022
Mac: Download
Windows: Download

Changes since 1.0.0:

  • Implemented face selection/deselection
  • Implemented free trials
  • Updated various camera profiles to have proper exposure baselines, including logic for determining camera make/model, and adding several new cameras
  • The windows installer now checks for AVX2 support before installing
  • Removed padding around the app icon on Windows
  • Filters are now hidden when refining subject or selecting faces, and the save button is disabled
  • Fixed “COne” folder being created on computers with multiple hard drives and don’t have Capture One installed
  • Fixed some images having incorrect cropping
  • Fixed Mac Capture One plugin not working on files with spaces in them
  • Fixed auto-upscaling showing check when using plugin mode that doesn’t support resizing
  • Partial fix for crash on some monitors with custom colorspaces
  • Partial fix for window being larger than the current monitor’s display

Going forward we’d like to share a bit about what major feedback the team is actively working on addressing, to give an idea on what you can expect in the coming weeks. There are no promises these will be completed and ready by any specific release, only that they’re in the pipeline. Here’s the current list:

  • Subject refinement is not precise enough
  • Autopilot takes too long looking for subjects or faces, particularly in cases where the user knows there aren’t any

Released September 15, 2022
Mac: Download
Windows: Download

Changes since 0.10.2:

  • Added tooltips for every icon in the right panel
  • New RAW Remove Noise icon
  • New app icon
  • Added or updated several camera profiles
  • The preview will no longer center on a subject/face if the user has panned the preview already
  • Lightroom Classic plugin and Capture One plugins will no longer add unmodified files to their respective catalogs
  • Improved M1 performance
  • Fixed various issues causing metadata or colorspace data to be missing from exports
  • Fixed issues caused by closing an image left of the selected image
  • Fixed various cropping issues with DNGs
  • Fixed color issues when saving from DNG to DNG
  • Fixed DNGs not being written to correctly in plugin mode
  • Fixed crash when loading some images
  • Disabled invalid format options in the Capture One plugin dialog
  • Tweaked face detection to have fewer false negatives
  • Tweaked strength of the mask refinement sliders
  • New users now start in side by side view

" Does this mean that you’re no longer going to update the Image Quality apps?"

“We will still be updating the Image Quality apps, but not as frequently as Topaz Photo AI.”

Where do TL go from here, in the area of manual influence, the Standalones have many advantages that are not possible with Photo AI.

Will this functionality still be added?

Update: Reading is a great thing, not just cherry picking.

However, the long term goal is to have Topaz Photo AI replace all of the functionality of the individual apps.


Download from the application id very slow
Doownload the msi is OK


Just tried the final version of this app.

How do I refine the subject selection to make sure only correct areas are selected? The sensitivity slider does not work for that purpose. No paint brush tools for selection refinement are available in the UI. Not acceptable.

How do I select which detected faces should be processed in the image? I cannot find any option to unselect those that should not be processed, e.g. background crowd. Not acceptable.


W11 RTX3060 Standalone
In this case the Autopilot activate Denoise Recover Face and Sharpen . Not bad but I am finding the Sharpen and Recover face too high.
And for me it looks the color/light shift I show previously on 0.10.2 with input TIFF file is over , good
Of course still my RAW files (Nikon Coolpix P1000) are still not usable ,

Wish list for this app to become usable for me:

  • allow disabling of autopilot (yes I know you want PAI to do ‘everything automatically’ but you also need to give users some control over things)
  • allow batch processing with and WITHOUT autopilot, manual settings can be applied to batches of images
  • manual masking brush/tools similar to Sharpen AI
  • select/deselect faces for face refinement
  • provide input box to allow custom scaling values

Nice to haves:

  • auto levelling button for colours/contrast etc.

Lastly, resizing with enhance-natural does an amazing job with people/faces/hair, which is a main reason I would like to be able to disable autopilot and use 2x + enhance-natural on batches of images.



That ico is something else…still puts COne folder on my G:\ drive for no reason. Can’t just delete it bc the msi installer just puts it back, at this point it’s whatever…if it wants to live there, fine.

Initial downloading of models much improved.

Initial scanning of image PAINFULLY slow now, much slower than before, and does it upon initial file opening as well as upon first save, so 2X the pain. Apple M1.

Go to the top & turn AutoPilot Auto Upscale off.

Absolutely. Since the standalone apps will be now less updated we need their same batch processing ability with of course no autopilot possible.

I’m also amazed by the improvements made into the upscaling part compared to Gigapixel AI.

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This German guy (in English) does a good video. He compares several photos using Photo AI to Denoise AI, Sharpen AI, and Gigapixel AI. I agree with him that unless Photo AI gets much better and offers more controls to use when the auto settings get it wrong then it is somewhat disappointing and not as good as the separate products. Over time I expect that Topaz will make great strides to improve Photo AI. Nothing happens overnight though.

I hope though that Topaz will truly get the results up to the level of the 3 separate products, while combining them in one and also providing more control when you want or need to override the auto settings.

Photo AI - The new wonder tool from Topaz?


The refine slider seems a bit more sensitive in this version which is an improvement. However, I still think a masking brush that the user controls would be so much better.

I want to be able to mask (select) areas of the image to either allow or prevent processing.


I just created some examples with the new release and did a quick blog post. After all this time testing I’m excited to see the first release!

Bonus image:

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Crashes when sharpen module engaged. Image sent from LR.

Congratulations, this is something I’ve been super excited to watch as you’ve developed it!

Unfortunately masking isn’t working very well for me yet, and I can’t improve it with the Refine tools (actually, it seems the refinement sliders do nothing now; a couple beta releases ago I did see them affect results, but today on 1.0 it seems inoperative). Masking is a feature I use in almost every image to avoid “sharpening the bokeh”, so I will watch with interest to future updates.

Also, sharpening isn’t producing good results on this image no matter whether I use Lens Blur or Motion Blur, and even turned down to very low levels. Note what it’s doing to some areas of the feathers, turning them into scaliness. I think Sharpen AI is currently doing a little better job with this?

I can provide the image privately if you want a test case, just ask. Not sure if you ask here on the forums if I’ll get an email notification, but email is my preferred communication channel.

Keep up the excellent work! Image processing is getting interesting for sure.

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Wow!!! Not sure what happened between the latest beta versions and this release version but time to load/process on my M1 Mac w/Monterey 12.6 16G Ram just slowed down by a magnitude of about 10X


great idea… however for batch use it’s NOT practical… i’m talking batches of 100+ images.
1)…Photo AI is much slower than using denoise then loading into sharpen.
2) you CAN’T force sharpen to all images as in Sharpen
3) Photo AI reduces saved files size up to 50% for JPEGs


I don’t like the new icon. The previous one was better.


What happened to “use these settings for all” option? It was really useful for processing image sequences where I wanted each photo to have the exact same settings


I like the gem logo!

The addn of Tool Tips is useful. Well-written.

The overview video is clear.

As others (& I previously) have commented, I’d still like Brush Tool Masking, the ability to un-designate Faces Detected, an integrated Crop Tool to set the bounds of what we’d like to upscale via resizing (enhanced resol.) and a 16-bit TIFF LZW Save option (if I missed it, I apologize…). And, I’d still prefer the Auto-Upsize new feature located adjacent to the Resizing settings in the righthand settings panel.

I’m able to pre-process a range of images using PAI that I will then post-process in Ps 2022. Windows 11. Auto processor option in PAI.