Topaz Photo AI v1.0.0

First, thanks for the new software. The idea is great and my first tests were very exciting!

Here I had a problem to maximize Photo AI window on external monitor. I use a notebook with a Full HD screen and an external monitor, connected by HDMI, with 4K resolution. On the external monitor the window does not maximize, does not occupy the entire screen and does not work. The notebook screen goes black, as if showing a part of the Photo AI window. I had to turn off the external monitor. Denoise, Sharpen, Gigapixel work perfectly on the external monitor. Please test better using Photo AI with dual monitors.

Another issue: when saving the file in jpeg, during processing, Photo AI displays the estimated size of the file. However, it always shows a size far above the final result. Last time, it showed an estimated 63MB file but saved an 11MB jpeg. This information is wrong and therefore seems useless. Perhaps the estimation of the file size is not being done in the best way.

Thank you very much!

Just came by to check the details and saw the free license for image quality bundle owners, couldn’t be happier - cheers.


After login the page doesn’t close, Google Chrome.


100% agreement for this post: these are exactly the points that are still missing until the programme is really usable, at the moment it is still only a beta version for me, useful for a few tasks, useless for most photos.
I have so many photos with spectators (indoor sports) that should absolutely be excluded from the face recovery, but where it is essential that the athlete in the foreground is optimised.


Photo AI is a welcomed addition. For a long time I already wished that Sharpen AI, Denoise AI and Gigapixel AI would have been integrated as modules in one application. Seem like my wish should come true with Photo AI.

However I wish we would get more control over masking (e.g. also different strength of noise reduction in different areas) than Photo AI currently offers.

Besides there is one question that is not answered to my knowledge:
Existing users of the Image Quality Bundle get Photo AI for free. That is clear. What about users who will buy the Image Quality Bundle now or in the future? Do they get Photo AI for free as well or do they have to pay full price again to obtain Photo AI?


Still having problems on one of my screens. OK on the 16:9 one. Tiffs are still coming up as 8 bit.

Initial thoughts:

Good first effort; Noise and Sharpen need to be combined but a lot more work is needed before this can be considered a potential replacement for the stand-alone apps. The idea is good: AI can make a first guess but greater and more subtle refinement is essential, in particular, the availability of selection refinement tools
Photo AI is far too slow to be of practical use even with a serious GPU
Sharpen preset is too strong
Quite marked and undesirable hue and saturation shifts are visible after processing - is this an artefact of working in an RGB colour space?

I saw this too - when I try Photo AI I though the DeNoise slider wasn’t functional until I realised this guy had the same issue - when down at virtually zero still way too much denoising - until the slider is a lot more sensitive then the results are so much better and controllable it DeNoise AI - I hope that Topaz will get the same functionality in PhotoAI as DeNoise AI as having everything in one app would be good but the finesse needs to be there.

This version is a nice improvement again. I noticed that it often tends to smooth out details tough when set to auto mode. In this case it often helps to turn off the denoise option.


I agree with Fotomaker and others that there are still several important things missing in this iteration. In many ways, it’s still a beta. To repeat:

  1. Brush tool rather than slider for masking
  2. User control of what faces get ‘improved’
  3. User control of resizing in batch mode, or to change default in auto-upscaling
  4. Crop tool

5. Ability to hover over Save To path to expand it:


Subject selection refinements are very important also with birds and mammals. The automated selection really does not work well enough with those.


I’m having some shadow clipping issues that weren’t present in the older versions of the program. Highlights blown out to highlight the problem. Rolling back.

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Topaz Photo AI thoughts

  • I normally prefer 3x in Gigapixel, but can only do 1x,2x,4x,MAX here), would like custom option.
  • Upscale can not be set for a group images, every image defaults to 4619x2598 (no clue where that comes from as source is 2000x1125), I’d understand 2x but a random resolution is just strange.

Basically I want to be able to select a scale (in my case 3x) for all images, as a batch similar to what I do in Gigapixel.

As for the flow it definitely makes life easier than having to play with all 3 apps to figure out what you want to do.

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I want to Congratulate everyone with Official release of Photo AI !

  • Thank you Anthony.lawn, as you can see on pictures below, after update from PAI 0.10.2 to PAI 1.0, my Capture One 21, finally, have that “Process with Topaz Photo AI” option, you were writing in reply to my post.

  • Now PAI, after processing file, give me an option to “Save to Editor”, but not just Editor, Editor with its own name, Capture One. That a nice small thing, but a very pleasant one.

  • Metadata, on return to C1, as you said, will be unchanged, and it is. Thank you!

Screen Shot 2022-09-14 at 10.44.14 AM

Screen Shot 2022-09-15 at 5.41.15 PM

  • After processing some pictures today, with PAI-1, here is my summary:

1 - Well written, with beautiful UI that get to the final release, fully automated Program, with manual control options, by combining three application in one, save me great deal of time and efforts, and give me pleasure to use it.

2 - PAI now is my second step in my editing workflow.

  • Capture One levelled and crop an image, and send to PAI.
  • PAI processed and return back to C1.
  • Use another great Plug-In for cleaning and removing unwanted objects.
  • Finish editing in Capture One.
  • That’s it.

I use another programs, for some creative work, like Bokeh, Portrait background & Sky replacement etc.

  • Features & improvements I would like to see in a future updates. Some of them were mentioned by many people on the that forum:

1 - Masking brush, to add or erase part of the mask from some distant faces, that PAI can’t recognize, or unable to enhance, and making them unpleasantly scary looking.

  • In that case, I use PHZ8 for enlargement, but without great NR & SH that I like very much in PAI.

2 - Program, with Auto & NR On, made out of focus, part of the background trees sharp. Turning on sharpness, for some reason, cure that, but not completely

3 - On my Mac Studio Ultra, PAI processed files longer, then before, making Topaz Labs claim of performance improvement on M1 Macs questionable, but at the same time, if PAI needs more time for better output quality, I will take my request back.

4 - With Auto & Nose On, after processing, PAI produced on distant forest trees, some wiped out spots, or mush patches. See pictures above.

  • At the same time, amazingly gentle NR on the clouds in dim situations, on many of my pictures, not remove even slightest part of the faded out, barely visible, almost transparent, edges of the clouds.

5 - How to get your new, nice, Topaz like, PAI Ikon? I have previous, black with letters EA. I used dowloaded file from this page to update, and didn’t use app’s update button. Restarting computer didn’t help.


Just make sure you are not trying to upscale RAW images. Use JPEG, PNG or TIFF.

Anything else than what is offered in Photo AI you will need to do in GigaPixel so untill it is available.

@Fotomaker @richard_m_h
I’m not sure if we’ve publicly addressed the lack of saving 16-bit TIFFs when using LZW compression, but it’s for the same reason neither Capture One nor Lightroom allow it either. LZW in this case will often make images that are larger than not only ZIP but even uncompressed TIFFs. It’s standard practice to only use ZIP for high bit depth and LZW for low bit depth.

There’s a nice comparison demonstrating the issue at


I’m having a reproducible error where the “Natural” enhance model creates 45 degree diagonal artifacts after updating the preview. M1 Ultra 128GB MacStudio running Ventura b5. Images sent via Adobe Lightroom Classic as TIFFs. If I change to “Low resolution” enhance model, it does not display those artifacts.

2022-09-16-10-06-10 copy.tzlog (678.9 KB)

Their is no Photoshop Automate script, so can’t use this within photoshop as the resize will not work if called as a plugin. So that’s a bit disappointing :frowning_face:.

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Sometimes the preview is messed up at the top middle edge of the image. This is the same locations every time I experience this so I guess it is only related to the preview window.

Congratulations on the release! Now, I’m gonna enjoy the testing! :slight_smile:

I’m still a fan of a less sharpened Standard scaling model, used in Photo AI alpha version, or Gigapixel AI 5.5.2 CPU, though. :slight_smile:
I made a direct example with both (GAI 5.5.2 and Photo AI 1.0) applications running the same image with the same size (3840 pixels width). Autopilot decided on LowRes model, but I found Natural one more applicable to this example.

…with the image in question:

I like the fact, that PAI’s Autopilot goes with denoise or sharpen filters less forcibly with the images I throw at it. :slight_smile:

By the way, a “COne” folder appeared on my X drive, with “Plugins\com.topazlabsllc.photoplugin” folder inside - what is it for?