Topaz Photo AI v0.4

Another oddity, Noise is is flagged as severe, but noise is switched off
which I guess is due to to enhance being enabled by the scaling,
and in enhance it says Sh: 0 Dn 0
which I assume is Sharpen 0, Denoise 0 but it looks like its been sharpen and denoised.

Hi Yazan, white output seems to be fixed in GPU Mode using Canon EOS R5 .cr3 Raw and Nikon NEF-File.
But not fixed in GPU Mode using Canon EOS 5D IV .cr2 Raw. Preview and Output is black now.

„Fix some images appearing rotated 90deg in thumbnails“ => NO thumbnails shown using cr2 or cr3 files. using old NEF file it shows up thumbnails:

Last view mode should now be saved between runs => confirmed, works fine!
BUT: the zoomfactor always jumps back to 100% when changing the view mode!

I dropped a cr2 and the logs @ your Dropbox Link.

It works on black and white images quite good on my end!


the face recovery detected the 4 faces and recover the photo portrait

I like the development, at least in terms of keeping the details.
However, I miss the removal of JPEG artifact, which already works well in Gigapixel AI (in Normal or Low resolution mode, even at 1x magnification).
I’ll show the differences!

Here is original picture:

Here is Photo AI 0.4 version with Autopilot. There are some colour distortions (look at the logos!):

And here is Gigapixel AI version with Normal mode and 1x model:

In the latter image, you can see that there is almost no JPEG distortion in the image.

I would also like to know if it will not be possible to save the image in RAW format? It could replace the previous JPEG to RAW program.

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When you have a single image open how do you close it other than going through the menu? Is there no close image button?

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Another thing: after I turned off Autopilot and turned on Enhance, the program stopped at the Masking Face operation at the very beginning. The video card does not do anything. The switches work, but no matter what I adjust, the AI process dies.

On Mac I use Command-W (on Windows try Control-w). There seems to be no prompt about unsaved changes, etc.

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Just out of curiosity (since my projects are all photos), what does the “Enhance > Illustration style” do for your art images?

When I try Enhance I use “natural” style to keep my photos more realistic looking.

Please add a close image button for when a single image is open.


Mac M1 16G Monterey 12.5

My modus operandi is to edit Lightroom, and send to TPai thru the plugin…

Regardless of file format, tiff or Jpg there’s a significant color shift in the TP AI viewer, but when I apply whatever changes TP makes, there’s no shift going back to LR…

Another annoying thing is… It always views the image at 100%… rather then “Fit to screen”

I Exported the same image from LR, just changing file formats to TIFF, JPG, and DNG… TP AI interprets the same file differently related to noise levels and sharpening levels… some pretty ugly…

As stand-alone, there doesn’t seem to be the same “color shifting” that results from the plugin process…

ctrl-w works thanks, I’ve also requested they add a close image button

I also found that I didn’t agree with an “Image is in Focus” assessment.and that the manual sharpening produced good results.

Exception error opening files from pCloud drive. Please see the attached. It opens fine if I copy the file to Desktop.

2022-07-29 16-40-25

The white image and background, block lines and size/navigator issues appear to be resolved in the .4 release.

This image previously had the block lines issue but the program saw all 4 faces. Now lines are got but it only finds 3 faces.

Files saved by Topaz Denoise as DNG files still load as tiny images.

Sample files were previously uploaded to dropbox

Win 11 Pro. AMD processor. Standalone vers. Jpg Graphic/Illustration Test. Autopilot & Manual Settings Compared. PAI .4

I get virtually the same assessment for every image I’ve tested using .4 Autopilot (with the exception of my test image of a group portrait - that ID’d many faces in the test image, but other elements like sharpening were off).

The assessment I now get consistently is Noise Level = Medium, Image = In Focus. The images I’ve tested haven’t looked in focus to me in their Autopilot Preview.

I’ve mostly tested photos (which is what I primarily work with). Today I decided to test a graphic/illustration. Same result. Autopilot gives me the same Medium Noise, In Focus assessment, yet the preview isn’t in focus. It isn’t getting the details clarity that can be achieved with manual sharpening.

I turned off Autopilot and by using the sliders manually - a little noise reduction, moderate sharpening, and enhance with the graphics option - I got a very nice result. See labelled snips below.

Top is Autopilot. Bottom is Manual settings.

But, the manual settings - that includes sharpening - is still stripping some color (hue) sat and contrast from the processed preview image.

@eric.lowery Activations Exceeded.Login Buged
What if you own all 3 products Listed in early access and beta tested This and them ? Program unusable now.

Try clicking on the blue box. I was told to do this and it worked.

Also, to make it easier for us to focus on only the relevant area of your screen, you can crop your screenshots with Preview (draw a box, then command-k) or use shift-command-4 to make a smaller selection during the original screenshot.

GPU processor chosen

Starting with JPG:

  • Autopilot detects 3 of 4 faces and medium noise - not bad! but applies 100% face recovery which is too much
  • switching off Auto:
    • Denoise at zero is not zero but something too much, makes face plasticky and there is no difference up to 100%, always the same effect
    • low sharpen level is much better as denoise then denoise itself

Same picture in RAW:

  • Autopilot detects 1 of 4 faces, (strange, I’ve expected better detection with RAW), again 100% face recovery
  • Auto off:
    • now denoise does something when I change values but again 0 is not 0 and it starts with too much effect. At lower values noise should still be seen.

in both cases window “restore” button should be clicked twice before Photo AI goes out from maximized view

Graphic Info (from DenoiseAI):

Operating System: Windows 10 Version 2009
Graphics Hardware: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB/PCIe/SSE2
OpenGL Driver: 3.3.0 NVIDIA 516.93
CPU RAM: 16317 MB
Video RAM: 6144 MB
Preview Limit: 7819 Pixels

Panning/scrolling/zooming on a processed image immediately locked my trackpad and keyboard so I couldn’t access the computer anymore.

MacBook Pro 16", M1 Pro, macOS 12.5