Topaz Photo AI v0.1

We built our new product Topaz Photo AI to be auto-pilot for image quality. Read more about it here.

If you own DeNoise, Sharpen, and Gigapixel with up-to-date licenses then you have access to Photo AI. You will need to claim a Photo AI license by going to your account before you’ll be able to login.

Released July 7th, 2022
Mac: Download
Windows: Download

This is an early access release so there will be some issues you may run across. We’ve listed some we are aware about here, but if you run into any new ones feel free to tell us.

Known Issues:

  • Windows users will have to link the Lightroom template manually for now
  • Original image may disappear temporarily before preview shows up or until panning
  • Closing an image in batch mode opens the previously opened image, but shows a different image highlighted in the list
  • When using Enhance by itself the preview may not update properly

Downloaded OK on my Windows 10 PC, but installation took 21 minutes (mostly downloading the 103 files). That’s not good.

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Then this:

even though I’d previously activated it.

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This is a new install/build type (beta → release), which means a different seat. You can select the old seat to unclaim it and replace it with the new install. You won’t need to redo this process when updating the app to new versions (of the same build type).

Feel sorry for me Paul, 50 minutes on a 300MBs WiFi link, didn’t use ethernet, means that the servers are just not up to it as that is pathetic for 1.2GB of data.

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But, all I can say is that the results are impressive. For example this image is a small image upscaled 6x:

Another image where Face Recovery interferes with the Noise Reduction, particularly noticable where there is no noise reduction in the hair:

Removing the Face Recovery means you need to manually add Sharpen:

NOTE: Turning on Enhance you get the message "Preparing Upscale Model’ and then “Enhancing”:

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I am really impressed with Topaz photo AI, great addition


I do, Don. I have a 1Gb/sec ethernet link so the timings are consistent - but it seems not all of us have this issue.

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Not a fast process. Windows 11 with good internet. First try hung up. Second chugged away for some time. Then it wouldn’t let me log in, even though Photo AI comes up in my account as a product I own. I uninstalled the beta. It still run around in circles for a while not being able to access whatever web site it was after then it eventually got there. You may want to stream line this.

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Auto settings over sharpen this one. Looks plasticky in a few places.

Edit version is OK until I zoom in to 100%

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Hi. I have my suscription active until next year in Gigapixel, Sharpen and Denoise but I can’t use this new Photo AI. Why? The program send my to buy all the 3 programs again because it says my suscription expired, but I just renewed this morning.

EDIT: Fixed. I just need to redeem the product with the link in the main post.

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Idk what “cache-exiftool-12.41” is but it’s leaving 25MB worth of it in the temp folder on closing & can we plz add a setting for the amount of stored logs. Been open & closing this thing playing around and there must be a good 20 logs in that folder already.

I tried adding fileLoggingEnabled=false to the reg …but that did not work. Also denoise is doing some psychedelic things.

Oddly enough if you turn face refinement on it’ll pull it to the front.

Do you meet the minimum technical requirements? See the first post in this thread where there is a link in the “read more about here” post with the technical requirements, and make sure your GPU drivers are up to date from the manufacturers web site.

Note there is a limit to the number of logs saved and they are important of you are experiencing issues.

8Gb M1 Mac Mini

Good early impressions on a few images pulled from my Download folder and some decent results on my own stuff which are shot in less than ideal conditions. Denoising is mostly excellent so far, although does it apply some sharpening too? I see so haloing around text.

However, the sharpening seems well over the top, even at 0 strength it seems to be over sharpening to the point that moderately blurry text text is unreadable and has heavy haloing.

Hi - can you please send me the 2nd image? Thank you!

Hi Richard - Looking at your next post, it looks like you were able to log in right? If you’re still running into any issues with the log, please send me your log files. If it’s still hanging up for you, please share your log files as well. Thank you.

Hi Richard - do you know if the plasticky look here is also present in Sharpen AI when using Standard - Motion Blur? If you could send me the image, I can verify that and keep the image in our database for future model training to avoid this plasticky look/over-sharpening?

Hi - if you use Remove Noise alone, it’ll use some sharpening (not as strong as the main Sharpen tool in the app) - same as the Sharpen slider in Topaz DeNoise AI. Can you please share with me some images where it’s over-sharpening? Submit File to Dropbox.. Thank you!

I’ve uploaded a file, check out the text around the map and the two right most photographs underneath the map.
Oh and I think the faces in those photos are not being picked up by the face recovery, I can’t see much difference when I toggle it on and off, maybe they’re too small or because they are b&w photos

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It is similar in Sharpen AI.Its a long exposure image which might confuse things. Found the link and sent it.

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