Topaz Photo AI shows wrong colors

Topaz Photo AI [v1.x.x] on [Windows]
The color representation in Topaz AI is not correct, see screenshot, on the left what I see in Photo AI, on the right what I see in Lightroom.

I accept the editing of Photo Ai, save and then view in LR what the difference is, and there the colors are OK again… (on the left the result of Photo AI, on the right original Raw)

This the result when I ask for a JPG-file.
Using the Plugin (processing RAW) I get an completly other, less correct, result :slight_smile:


I have mentioned the color issue for a while but seems no one care about it and I don’t think they even acknowledged it. People are all talking about object removal features while fundamental issues are being ignored.

Guess there is no point to renew the yearly upgrade (mine probably has 3 or 4 months left) when it just keeps being broken and unusable. The issue is not acknowledged so there is no ETA for a fix.

A7R5 file, processed with TPAI on a Mac (tried AI engine disabled result in same colour so it’s not related to neural engine bug, unless the use CPU switch in Topaz also has a bug)

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There have been many similar posts on this subject. I suggest you read them, you may find the answer. Could be your colour profile settings. Could be the settings in Topaz, there is a Raw colour correction, in Topaz, that is set to on, think that is under the DeNoise part.

What colour profile are you in on LR?


The color profile IS PROPHOTO RGB, both for LR and Topaz.
I don’t have the problem with the wrong color when I use Denoise or Sharpen.
Additionally, both my screens are calibrated.
As you could see, the incorrect color is only visible in Photo AI (not via the plugin), but when I return to LR the color is OK again. So it must be something within Photo AI.

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The information is different. Topaz is only in 8 bit, not good if it is converting 16 bit to 8 bit. PSD to jpg may cause issues as well.

I can understand that the conversion from 16 to 8 bit would not be perfect (although the difference may not be that big!), but why does it work out fine if you convert it back from 8 to 16? After all, a lot of information has been lost!
If I do the editing via the plugin, I assume that Topaz can handle more than 8 bits, then the color in Topaz is OK, but when I save it, I get different colors in LR!
Moreover, I notice that the created dng file does not always end up in LR, I then have to synchronize the folder to get the file in LR. “Save to Lightroom” works if there is only one photo, if there are several they will not be in LR.

The loss is quite large, “An 8-Bit image can display up to 16.7 million colors, while a 16-Bit image can display up to 281 trillion colors”

This can cause banding.

Are you doing prints?

I don’t make that many prints, but I regularly replace prints on A4/A3 (with my own printer) in frames on the wall…
And I also know how many colors are possible with 8 or 16 bits, but admit it, if you look at my screenshots, the difference is much bigger than those 8 bits… If I save, and then look back in LR, then it’s all good again! And the display in Topaz was not… so there is still a problem within Topaz Photo AI.
Also note that if I do the same in Sharpen or Denoise, I don’t have that problem. Does Sharpen and Denoise work with 16 bits?
And if I do it via the plugin, the colors in Photo AI are correct (but exposure has not been adjusted, so raw), but I then get different colors in LR!
I do not see a banding problem (refer to the screenshots)

You won’t get banding in all images, depends on the image. Generally is more common in cloudy skies.

Yes there does seem to issues using PAI. When I get my computer back I will investigate it further. I use the plugins and never use Raw in Topaz.

Topaz seem to be ignoring the colour shift issues.

Same here with RAW Files from Nikon Z8. RAW Files from Z6 will be processed ok. :roll_eyes: