Topaz Photo AI crashing without error message, currently unusable

I’m trying to use Topaz Photo AI launched from Lightroom Classic. More often than not, Topaz Photo AI launches, starts processing, then shuts down abruptly without any error message.

Steps to reproduce issue:

  1. In LR, select image to process
  2. Go to menu: File->Plugin Extras->Process with Topaz Photo AI.
  3. Photo AI launches, starts analysing image, then shuts down with no message displayed

Topaz Photo AI v2.1.2 on Windows

What computer system do you have? CPU and GPU, vRam?

You have a separate gpu?

I’ve requested refund (which was granted without any quibble), so no need to continue any trouble-shooting.

However, in case it’s useful for others, I had these problems on a Windows 10 PC with AMD Ryzen 5 5600X CPU, Nvidia RTX2060 GPU, 16 Gb RAM.

It should run ok on that computer. There are problems on some Mac computers. I’m not getting any crashes just poor processing.

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