Topaz Photo AI 2.12 Cropping issues

Bug Report: Topaz Photo AI, Version 2.11

Basic Information

  • Software: Topaz Photo AI
  • Version: 2.12
  • **Nov, 17th, 23

Description of the Issue

  • Main Issue: Malfunction in the cropping tool.
  • Specific Symptoms: When attempting to crop images, an vertical offset mask is displayed. This mask cannot be resized or repositioned.
  • Impact on Functionality: Due to this issue, cropping images in the software is not possible.

Testing Environment and Reproduction of the Issue

  • Test Files: Three JPEG images.
  • Frequency of Occurrence: The problem occurred with two out of the three tested images.
  • Camera Model: Panasonic TZ-10.

Steps to reproduce issue:

  1. open a picture
  2. open the cropping tool

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