Topaz new UI

You have taken your software interface from reasonable to awful. This is one of the clumsiest UI’s I have seen in a very long time - and I’ve been working in systems for over 50 years. Everyone I talk to who has Photo AI absolutely hates the new interface, and is searching for alternatives. I would very seriously go back to the previous UI, apologise to the users, and maybe move the brilliant staff who came up with this to just working on minor projects. Maybe somehow this UI works on MACs, but certainly does not on PCs. What a disaster! Very hard to recommend to anyone, which I previously have through your other versions

Topaz Photo AI [v1.x.x] on Windows


I’m on a Widows machine using PS and LR and prefer this to the old UI. While it needs some tweaks like pinning/docking, multiple panels open and adjustable at the same time (and ability to view results immediately) my results have been good once I made it through the learning curve.

It would also be great to have the ability to arrange and use functions defined by the user and not the application. When I enlarge I prefer to do it once I process the image through denoise and sharpen but it’s not a deal breaker.

Some believe it’s a major improvement.

The ability to add additional adjustment layers is outstanding. In prior versions I would have to save in TPAI, let it load back into PS/LR and then move the image back into TPAI for additional adjustments.

The bugs in the core application are being worked on but the application, about 90% works well for some, others not so much.


yes, thats it.

B4 PhotoAI, you did switch between Sharpen, Denoise AI and Gigapixel, wasting a lot of time.

Then PhotoAI was released and you could do more advanced editing than b4.

Now you are able to stack filters like with Photoshop (no Lightroom cant do that).

Now you save even more time and have more advanced possibilities.

I have to agree and I’m a major Topaz user and supporter. The bugs are huge and I’m working on a new HP laptop and didn’t have ANY issues before this update. SLOW is an understatement. Try selecting the subject with a brush! I move the brish and 5 seconds later it shows up and paints red everywhere! It’s crazy and unusable!

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I’m a 20-year Mac user and I can reassure you that at least in my opinion, the UI doesn’t “work” on Macs either (at least 2.4.0, I haven’t tried 2.4.1 enough to judge it).

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I 100% agree. The new UI is trash, not to mention how the quality of the autopilot/filters seemed to drop in quality. I wish I never updated.

Also, the software crashed when I tried to do “remove” on the lowest-quality setting.