Topaz JPEG to RAW AI ... released

Hi Y’all, a new product from Topaz Labs to convert JPEG to high-quality RAW for better editing. Prevent banding, remove compression artifacts, recover detail, and enhance dynamic range.


Processing Notes for other Applications:

  • PS & LR import as you would normally as with ON1 Photo RAW
  • Affinity Photo, make sure that you select “Take no action” for the Tone Curve: setting in the Develop Assistant
  • Capture One make sure “DNG File DNG Workspace” is selected for the ICC Profile

Hmmm… not too bad. I’m a stickler; been a digital photog forever; got images in museums etc etc. My initial comment would be that I’d like some way to specifically control the sharpening. Say a slider? The sharpening is slightly overdone and leaves some “white edges” (albeit not severe.) Better “out of the gate” than your other AI entry, IMHO.
Virtually all I shoot is raw (Nikon 800) but having something for jpgs would be a good tool for the iphone shots.
I’m impressed enough to be seriously considering a purchase.

Is this a stand alone or for Studio?


Thanks. And of course guess who recently picked up DeJpeg? Even so, worth a look.

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Any chance Topaz will offer a better discount to existing customers, especially if you own the whole Studio bundle and A.I. Gigapixel? It seems like you’d be buying very similar technology as A.I. Clear and Gigapixel in a new standalone.

Raise a Help request at the links above and choose Customer Service as the entry after raising a request using the Studio link

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As I am really convinced of AI Gigapixel, I will go for it.
Actually, I use it in a way to sharpen Images without showing halos.
Blow up finished Image and then reduce size in 2 version, soft edges and sharp edges.
Then just make 2 overlays in PS and mix them for the best result.


sharpened with the overlay Gigapixel AI methode


For me a BIG miss in this initial release is the ability to point to a top level folder and have the app step through all the subfolders and convert all the jpg images. I have 10 years of jpg images from the late 90s and early 2000s. I do not want to manually step through the individual shoot days with images in each of those years. I should be able to do something like point to /Pictures and tell it to process all jpg files. If there are specific jpg files I do not want processed, that is when the burden would be on me to pick specific year folders or specific date subfolders.

Again, we need this app to be able to follow the folder structure as one large batch job.

I seem to be missing something basic. The JPEG/RAW program goes through the process, but then closes automatically and there’s no output file to be found. Tried several times, tried outputting to desktop, and so on. No joy. Does anyone have an idea about this?

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Please post a screenshot of the application that shows the parameters you used to process the image.

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I had some fun with JPEG to RAW AI the night before release day and posted my experience on my blog.


It works quite nicely, but when you enter the DNG format it before the end of the process falls. When you enter the TIFF format it will go well.

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Hi Jan,

Doesn’t seem right and your parameters seem fine as on Win 10 I have no problems with either output format. Can you raise a support request and forward the JPG file that is input to support please.

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Oops. Wrong thread. Can you move this over to the Gigapixel Beta (or delete it). Thanks.

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like tvalleau, a slider to adjust sharpness would be fine.
But I can do a work around with layers.

Thanks. There are many techniques to remove halos, layers among them. My
point is that they should not be there in the first place.