Topaz JPEG to RAW AI ... released

I am currently traveling so only have a very lightweight (resource as well as hardware) laptop with me. So impressed with JPEG to RAW AI. The one on the left is the original JPG. I usually shoot raw and was having a tough time equalizing exposure and pulling out the detail on this. I installed J2R and wow! Took it into Topaz Studio, used AI Clear and Basic to pull out the detail as though it was shot in raw.


Same here, using parameters as they are when opening Jpeg to Raw for the first time.

Thanks a lot for your quick reply. Turns out that when I attempt to convert to a TIFF the program does stay open, but there’s no output shown either within the program or as a result in an output file. To recap: the program simply closes with a DNG process, and this is what I get with TIFF.

I should add that the preview function does work, for both formats.

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Hi, I am having the same problems as Holland, no output file and the screen shot is also the same. Perhaps I should start off with the copy of this program, AI JtoR is a Trial.

Thank for your time,


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Perhaps there is an issue with the way the output location is being specified because although the Windows system recognises “/” it may be that the application only accepts "" even though you may have used browse to access the output location.

Try changing the forward slash to backward slash in the output location field.

Remember that the convention is for UNIX to use the (“/”) and for Windows to use the ("") but, as Windows addresses servers etc. using the forward slash it is still seen as OK of searching as it will be corrected while you type. The internal workings of applications are slightly different.


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Ran a couple tests:

  1. Custom Location (One Drive and the slashes on my windows machine showed as “/”)
    Output was created with no issue
  2. Same as Above But used the same prefix with space included as shown in the screenshot above
    Output was created with no issue

I am not able to recreate this issue… :frowning:

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OK, I wonder if your PC meets the specs as outlined and, if you have dual GPUs, has the right GPU been allocated to the processing. If you go to Help → Graphics Info press Copy on the dialog and place the information here in the thread.

Recommended hardware:

Tried several conversions with the released version; all are showing significant color shift. I’m attaching just one set as an example. First the original.

Now the conversion.

In as much as the program only converts to tiff or png, it would be nice to allow the tiff conversions to be uploaded.

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I thought that was what I downloaded yesterday. Guess I was wrong. :confused:

Hi Don,

Here are the graphics specs:

Operating System: Windows 10 (10.0)
Graphics Hardware: GeForce GTX 1050 Ti/PCIe/SSE2
OpenGL Driver: 3.3.0 NVIDIA 388.13
CPU RAM (MB): 16324
VRAM [Total, Used] (MB): 4096, 3906
Preview Limit (Pixels): 6463

The machine itself has 16G RAM and a 3.5G Intel i5-7600 processor.

Can’t seem to find the option to modify the slashes.

Similar to what I have, except your NVIDIA drivers are not up to date, what you can try is to use an output directory on a hard disk rather than the desktop. For me the Desktop is OK with my Admin User ID but it may be that there is an issue using the desktop if your not using a user id that has modify access.

If that doesn’t help, after you check that you have full access to the directory you are using, then raise a help request at the Need Help? link above, click on Studio, click on Open a Request, select Technical Support (Studio Only) then from the Topaz Standalone Used dropdown choose JPEG to RAW AI.

Hi Don,

Updated the vid driver to I do have full access to all folders.

The program does output correctly to an external hard drive connected with a USB3 cable. Thanks for that tip. But it won’t work with the WD 4TB data drive I have internally connected, nor with the 500G solid state C:/.

So I suppose I’m stuck with a workaround, unless Topaz fixes this. My computer is only a couple of years old, built new.

Best regards.

It sounds like a permissions issue, if you have full access to the directories you are trying to write to, raise a support request at the Need Help?, Studio link above.

I suppose it must be a permissions issue, though I don’t understand why. I’ve had this issue with no other program. If I log on to the computer as administrator, JPEG to RAW works. If I simply “run as administrator” within my user account, it doesn’t.

Filing the help request, and thanks again.

Must say it could be a help recusing some Jpegs. BUT my conversions to DNG are 114 MB and only 256 x 170 pixels resolution. The TIFFs 114 MB 5472 x 3648. What gives?
See attached screen grabs

Also showing vast improvement between Normal and HIGH Processing

And yet when I open the DNGs in LR 6.14 It shows the full resolution.
Maybe it’s just MS Photos not seeing the full picture (pun intended)

Will do some more working and get back to you.

Just check as to how you install applications, it may be that you need to install as admin. You can achieve this by right-clicking on the installer and select Run as administrator.

Un-and reinstalled as admin, with no difference in the issue. Have submitted a support request along with snips of this forum exchange.

Best regards.

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I just purchased Jpeg to Raw AI. When I process a jpeg to DNG, the result is ROTATED. When I process the same photo jpeg to TIFF, the result is correct - no rotating.

One photo was rotated 180 degrees. Another was rotated 90 degrees.

I haven’t seen anyone else experience this, so maybe I am doing something wrong??