Topaz Gigapixel AI update

Is there an issue with the update? I just updated from v4.4.x to v4.5.0 and when done it is still on the old version and it tells me there is a new version 4.5.0. I recall this happening with previous updates. Now I see there are versions in the 4.9 range. What is the latest of this product?

The latest version is 5.3.2

5.1.7 is the last version you can get without paying for the annual update service.

I am running version 4.4.6 and it tells me that there is a new version 4.5.0. I download the new version which takes a long time and install it. I run it and it tells me I am on 4.4.6 and there is a new version. I ran it again to see if for some miracle it updates correctly and it does not. It’s like deja vu all over again. I didn’t pay to upgrade to version 5. I am still on version 4.

The first paid for version of Gigapixel was 5.2, so you’re entitled to upgrade to 5.1.7 which you can download from here:

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Thank you. I was able to upgrade to 5.1.7. Now it notifies me that there is a newer paid version and I need to login. I know I can suppress this message and login password prompt for up to 2 weeks but is this really necessary?

The update message is a source of considerable disgruntlement and Topaz have been asked to remove it.
If you are on a Mac, you can use an app like Radio Silence to block incoming internet connections.