Gigapixel v5.1.7

Download: Windows, Mac
Released October 6, 2020.

This update is a minor update as we prepare for our first major paid release of Gigapixel AI. This update will allow you to delay the update notification dialog by a period of up to two weeks, so you don’t constantly get bugged about updating when a new version is released.

The first major paid upgrade for Gigapixel AI will go out on October 21st, and includes three major things, as well as a lot of minor improvements / bugfixes:

  • New AI model - “Compressed”
  • Whole new look to the UI
  • Crop tool

Here’s this version’s changelog:


  • Update dialog can now be delayed. Choose between 1 day, 1 week, and 2 weeks to delay the notification that an update is available.
  • OpenVINO has been updated on Windows


  • Multiple crashes related to network communication have been fixed.
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OpenVINO no longer works. It produces garbled/distorted output when enabled. In version 5.1.6 and previous, OpenVINO works fine.

Machine is a non GPU machine.

5.1.7 OpenVINO enabled:

5.1.7 OpenVINO disabled:

I guess I have to spend a bunch of time creating logs / info to send to support. Eats up time I could be spending on other things. :expressionless:

Please go to Help -> Graphics Info, hit Copy, and paste the results here. Also, what CPU does your computer have? Thanks.

All of a sudden, when I click “update” on an image (I have auto update turned off), now Gigapixel just exits with no crash or any other message. No idea what happened.

Completely uninstalled and rolled back to 5.1.6. That was working perfectly before, now, that also just exists with no crash or any other message the same way.

This stupid 5.1.7 update bombed my system’s ability to even run Gigapixel at all.


Just unbelieveable.

Edit - This turned out to be a Windows issue that I fixed and it had nothing to do with Gigapixel. Sorry, just frazzled.


Machine is a non GPU machine so I need to run MESA. Using MingW opengl32.dll driver, version 19.3.3, with MESA_GL_VERSION_OVERRIDE environment variable set to 3.3COMPAT. I realize this probably isn’t supported, but, it has always worked fine. (MESA is in fact usually used to troubleshoot and rule out issues with graphics hardware and software drivers.) But, 5.1.7 now produces distorted output with OpenVINO enabled.

In the process of compiling logs…

I have an issue loading Leica M246 (Monochrom) files to GigaPixel after updating to 5.1.7
I get the attached message. Regular color DNG from other Leica,

works fine.

Doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the driver… I tried updating MESA to the latest (20.2.0) and also changing the GL version to 4.6, the highest supported (MESA_GL_VERSION_OVERRIDE=4.6COMPAT and MESA_GLSL_VERSION_OVERRIDE=460). Didn’t have any effect.

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Ran a quick speed test on my standard image at 4x (4200 x 2800).

CPU_only___ 11sec____59sec___63sec

With 5.1.7, I noticed a loss of detail in upscaling, especially in reds. I A/B compared the same images upscaled with 5.1.6, and in some images there are quite dramatically better results with 5.1.6. Of course I had to upscale with OpenVINO off in 5.1.7, so I don’t know if it’s related to that… usually people say if there’s any difference with OpenVINO enabled it will look worse.

Edit / Update - I tested this in version 5.1.6. In 5.1.6, I turned OpenVINO off and then scaled the image I was working with above. I see the same loss of detail. So it was due to OpenVINO. Turning if off actually loses detail in some images. Mainly in reds, such as for example a red sweater.

5.1.7 works well but the GUI is still the same and the new AI model can not be found anywhere.

The OP says that the new AI model and GUI will be in the next major release due on 21 October.

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Great news. Thanks. :grinning:

What’s the pricing going to be like for the paid upgrade?

You can check on the main website in your account.

I see, thanks!

On my account page there’s a “Photo Upgrade Plan” - what exactly is that? I clicked the link but it didn’t really explain it. Is it for all the photo app upgrades? (I assume for a year?)

(I hope there’s some discount options for Video Enhance AI when it’s time for that one, $199 gonna hurt.)

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Yes I believe the photo upgrade plan is for a year at $49 for a single application of the 4 (not Video Enhance AI) or if you own more the one of the 4 affected products it is $99 for all.


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It would be at least nice to know, why I get distorted output with 5.1.7 with OpenVINO enabled. It must be due to the updated version of OpenVINO. But why? Is my CPU no longer supported? Or is it Windows 7? And why does the output look the way that it does? Gigapixel seems to “think” that OpenVINO is working fine and enables it during calibration.

Does it enable GPU as well as OpenVINO?

If not try switching it on to have both activated, if yes try switching it off leaving only OpenVINO activated to see if that makes a difference.

If that fails you can try raising a support request at the main website as I haven’t seen this before, but remember that Windows 7 is not supported so they may not be able to help.


I suppose that will have to be updated.

I only have OpenVINO enabled when the glitching occurs. I checked the registry and the application setting. GPU options are off (there is no GPU); OpenVINO options are on. If OpenVINO is turned off, then output is no longer distorted.

I already tried going to support. They basically said as I expected, there is nothing that can be done. I know that the reality is that if no one has the issue but me, then it’s not going to be worth anyone’s time to try and fix it.

Up until version 5.1.6, calibration always resulted in GPU being disabled and OpenVINO being enabled. OpenVINO worked as there was a very clear performance boost. OpenVINO is currently working for me in all other Topaz Applications, including Video Enhance AI 1.6.1, Denoise AI 2.3.1, and SharpenAI 2.1.7.

I tried turning both GPU and OpenVINO on in Gigapixel 5.1.7. This behaved the same as having both GPU and OpenVINO disabled. So it worked (no distorted output), but it ran at the same speed as it does with OpenVINO disabled. If GPU is disabled and OpenVINO is enabled, I get OpenVINO performance, but distorted, unusable output.

From what I’ve read, OpenVINO has shown “Windows 10 only” for the system requirements for quite some time. This is for the toolkit though. It apparently worked for Windows 7 on runtime because it was working in Gigapixel up to version 5.1.6. Unless Topaz was using an older version of OpenVINO.

I take it Topaz updated OpenVINO to 2021.1:

So I guess this means no more OpenVINO on Windows 7 for future versions of Topaz products. That’s bad news for Windows 7 users.